Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Twist List for 29 November 2017


What are qualitative research ethics?
Wiles, Rose.
London; New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2013.
174.9 Wil

What is qualitative research?
Hammersley, Martyn.
London; New York, NY: Bloomsbury Academic, 2013.
300.72 Ham

What is narrative research?
Squire, Corinne.
London, UK; New York, NY: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014.
300.72 Squ

Understanding child development.
Charlesworth, Rosalind.
10th ed. New York: Cengage, 2016.
305.231 Cha

The inequality debate: an introduction.
Rashbrooke, Max.
Wellington, New Zealand: Bridget Williams Books Ltd, 2014.
339.20993 Ras

The new public health.
Baum, Frances.
4th ed. South Melbourne, Vic.: Oxford University Press, 2016.
362.10994 Bau

The child poverty debate: myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings.
Boston, Jonathan, and Chapple, Simon,
Wellington, New Zealand: Bridget Williams Books, 2015.
362.708694 Bos

Beauty around the world: a cultural encyclopedia.
Kenny, Erin, and Nichols, Elizabeth Gackstetter.
Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, 2017
391.63 Ken

Users' guides to the medical literature: a manual for evidence-based clinical practice.
Guyatt, Gordon, and Rennie, Drummond and Meade, Maureen and Cook, Deborah, and American Medical Association.
3rd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2015.
610.72 Use

Nursing research: methods and critical appraisal for evidence-based practice.
LoBiondo-Wood, Geri, and Haber, Judith.
9th ed. St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier, 2018.
610.73072 Nur

Food & nutrition: food and health systems in Australia and New Zealand.
Wahlqvist, Mark L.
3rd ed. Crows Nest, N.S.W.: Allen & Unwin, 2011.
613.2 Foo

Pain management in nursing practice.
Wright, Shelagh and International Association for the Study of Pain.
Washington, D.C.: IASP; London: SAGE, 2015.
616.0472 Wri

Essentials of maternity, newborn, and women's health nursing.
Ricci, Susan Scott.
4th ed. Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, 2017.
618.10231 Ric

Modernist bread. Vol 1. to 6.
Myhrvold, Nathan, and Migoya, Francisco J., and Cooking Lab.
Bellevue, WA: The Cooking Lab, 2017.
641.815 Myh

Construction for fashion design.
Fischer, Anette, and Gobin, Kiran
London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017.
646.4072 Fis

How to run, a profitable (hospitality), hotel, resort, restaurant, food, and beverage business.
Clarke, Peter.
Houston, TX: Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co., 2015.
647.94 Cla

Drugs in pregnancy and lactation: a reference guide to fetal and neonatal risk.
Briggs, Gerald G. and Freeman, Roger K.  and Towers, Craig V. and Forinash, Alicia B.
11th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer, 2017.
649.33 Bri

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."
~ Aristotle

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