Monday, March 20, 2017

Twist List for 20 March 2017


Te mahi mara hua parakore: a Maori food sovereignty handbook.
Hutchings, Jessica.
Otaki, Aotearoa New Zealand: Te Takupu, Te Wananga o Raukawa, 2015.
635.0484 Hut


Wabi-sabi for artists, designers, poets & philosophers.
Koren, Leonard.
Point Reyes, California: Imperfect Publishing, 2008.
111.85 Kor

The sacred urge to play: unfolding your child's intelligence, imagination, creativity and joy for life.
Brownlee, Pennie and Crisp, Kimberley.
Thames, New Zealand: Good Egg Books, 2016.
155.418 Bro

Battery hen farming in New Zealand: a critical evaluation.
Save Animals From Exploitation, Organization: N.Z.
Christchurch, N.Z.: SAFE, 2007.
179.30993 Ani

Animals on show: a critical analysis of the animal entertainment industry.
Save Animals From Exploitation, Organization: N.Z.
Christchurch, New Zealand: SAFE, 2009.
179.30993 Ani

Animals in science: ethical arguments and alternatives to animal experiments.
Save Animals From Exploitation, Organization: N.Z.
Christchurch, New Zealand: SAFE, 2013.
179.30993 Ani

Animals in factory farms: thinking critically about our treatment of animals.
Save Animals From Exploitation, Organization: N.Z.
Christchurch, New Zealand : SAFE, 2016.
179.30993 Ani

Stayin' alive: how Canadian baby boomers will work, play, and find meaning in the second half of their adult lives.
Adams, Michael and Langstaff, Amy.
Toronto: Viking Canada, 2010.
305.244 Ada

Feminist futures: reimagining women, culture and development.
Bhavnani, Kum-Kum and Foran, John and Kurian, Priya A. and Munshi, Debashish.
Second edition. London, UK: Zed Books Ltd, 2016.
305.42 Fem

Art thieves, fakers & fraudsters: the New Zealand story.
Jackson, Penelope.
Wellington, New Zealand: Awa Press, 2016.
364.16 Jac

Foundations for discovery: supporting learning in early childhood education through information and communication technologies: a framework for development.
New Zealand. Ministry of Education.
Wellington, N.Z.: Ministry of Education, 2005.
372.210285 Fou

Superstitions: and why we have them.
Cryer, Max.
Auckland, New Zealand: Exisle Publishing Limited, 2016.
398.4103 Cry

From pasture to paradise: the story of Trotts Garden.
Trott, Alan.
Ashburton, N.Z.: Trotts Garden Pub., 2012.
635.099386 Tro

The listening leader: how to drive performance by using communicative leadership.
Zugaro, Emilio Galli and Zugaro, Clementina Galli
Harlow, United Kingdom: Pearson Education, 2017.
658.4092 Zug

Artists reclaim the commons: new works-new territories-new publics.
Harper, Glenn and Moyer, Twylene.
Hamilton, NJ: ISC Press, 2013.
701.18 Art

The Suter: people, places, perspectives: artworks from the collection.
Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatu Gallery.
Nelson, New Zealand: The Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatu, 2016.
708.99376 Sut

Themes of contemporary art: visual art after 1980.
Robertson, Jean and McDaniel, Craig.
Fourth edition. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017.
709.04 Rob

Klingsohr-Leroy, Cathrin and Grosenick, Uta and Varea, Isabel,
Koln, Germany Taschen, 2015.
709.0406 Kli

Walter De Maria: meaningless work.
McFadden, Jane.
London: Reaktion Books 2016.
709.2 Dem

Her space: she sheds, back rooms and kitchen tables.
Jessen, Marilyn.
Auckland, New Zealand: David Bateman Ltd, 2016.
709.22 Jes

Small house living.
Foster, Cate.
Auckland: Penguin Books, 2015.
728.37 Fos

Deleuze and design.
Marenko, Betti and Brassett, Jamie.
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2015.
741.6 Del

Alan Kitching: a life in letterpress.
Walters, John L. and Kitching, Alan.
London, United Kingdom: Laurence King Publishing, 2016.
741.6 Kit

Digital design theory: readings from the field.
Armstrong, Helen
New York, New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2016.
741.60285 Dig

Design as art.
Munari, Bruno and Creagh, Patrick.
London: Penguin, 2008, ³1971.
745.4 Des

Alsop, Peter.
Nelson, New Zealand: Potton & Burton, 2016.
770.993 Als

Love in vain: Robert Johnson, 1911-1938.
Dupont, J. M. and Mezzo, 1960-.
London : Faber & Faber, 2016.
781.643092 Dup

New Zealand jazz life.
Meehan, Norman, and Whincup, Tony.
Wellington : Victoria University Press, 2016.
781.65092293 Mee

Tim Burton: the iconic filmmaker and his work.
Nathan, Ian.
London: Aurum Press, 2016.
791.430233092 Bur

Twist Library quote of the day:
"Libraries: The medicine chest of the soul. ~ Library at Thebes, inscription over the door."

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