Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Twist List for 5 July 2016


Nursing and midwifery research: Methods and appraisal for evidence-based practice.
Schneider, Zevia and Whitehead, Dean.
5th ed. Chatswood, N.S.W. Elsevier Australia (a division of Reed International Books Australia Pty Ltd), 2016.
610.73072 Sch

Foundations for health promotion.
Naidoo, Jennie and Wills, Jane.
4th ed. London: Elsevier, 2016.
613 Nai


Cognitive psychology (Eysenck): Revisiting the classic studies.
Eysenck, Michael W. and Groome, David.
Los Angeles: Sage, 2015.
153 Cog

Lifespan development: Lives in context.
Kuther, Tara L.
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE Publications Inc., [2017].
155 Kut

Attachment in adulthood: Structure, dynamics, and change.
Mikulincer, Mario and Shaver, Phillip R.
2nd ed. New York, NY: The Guilford Press, 2016.
155.6 Mik

The learning powered school: Pioneering 21st century education.
Claxton, Guy and Chambers, Maryl.
Bristol: TLO Limited, 2011.
370.1524 Cla

Sexual cultures in Aotearoa/New Zealand education.
Gunn, Alexandra C. and Smith, Lee and Robinson, Kerry H.
Dunedin, New Zealand: Otago University Press, 2015.
371.82663 Sex
Count me in! K-5: Including learners with special needs in mathematics classrooms.
Storeygard, Judith.
New York: Skyhorse Publishing, 2014.
371.90447 Sto
Language and reading disabilities.
Kamhi, Alan G. and Catts, Hugh W. and Kamhi, Alan G.
3rd ed. Boston: Pearson, 2012.
371.9144 Kam

Thinking through pedagogy for primary and early years.
Eaude, Tony.
Exeter: Learning Matters, 2011.
372.1102 Eau

The science of reading: A handbook.
Snowling, Margaret J. and Hulme, Charles.
Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2007.
372.4 Sci

Measuring up: Advances in how we assess reading ability.
Sabatini, John P. and Albro, Elizabeth and O'Reilly, Tenaha.
Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2012.
372.48 Mea

Change over time: In children's literacy development.
Clay, Marie M. and Global Education Systemes Ltd.
Auckland: The Marie Clay Literacy Trust, 2015.
372.6 Cla

5 practices for orchestrating productive mathematics discussions.
Smith, Margaret Schwan and Stein, Mary Kay.
Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin, 2011.
372.7 Smi

Mathematical mindsets: Unleashing students' potential through creative math, inspiring messages, and innovative teaching.
Boaler, Jo and Dweck, Carol.
San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass & Pfeiffer Imprints, [2016].
372.7044 Boa
Intentional talk: How to structure and lead productive mathematical discussions.
Kazemi, Elham and Hintz, Allison.
Portland, Maine: Stenhouse Publishers, 2014.
372.7044 Kaz

My kids can: Making math accessible to all learners, K-5.
Storeygard, Judith.
Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2009.
372.7044 My

Primary care: A collaborative practice.
Buttaro, Terry Mahan.
5th ed. St. Louis, Mo.: Elsevier, 2017.
610 Pri
Mosby's drug guide for nursing students.
Skidmore-Roth, Linda.
12th ed. St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier, 2017.
615.11 Ski

ACCCN's critical care nursing.
Aitken, Leanne M. and Marshall, Andrea and Chaboyer, Wendy and Australian College of Critical Care Nurses.
3rd ed. Chatswood, NSW: Elsevier Australia, [2015].
616.028 Acc

Pathophysiology made incredibly visual!
Capriotti, Theresa.
3rd ed. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer, [2017].
616.07 Pat

Bates' guide to physical examination and history-taking.
Bickley, Lynn S. and Szilagyi, Peter G. and Bates, Barbara.
11th ed. Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2013.
616.0754 Bic

Coping with a mental health crisis: Seven steps to healing.
Lucas, Catherine G.
London: Sheldon Press, 2014.
616.891 Luc

Perioperative nursing: An introduction.
Hamlin, Lois and Davies, Menna and Richardson-Tench, Marilyn and Sutherland-Fraser, Sally.
2nd ed. Chatswood, N.S.W. Elsevier Australia (a division of Reed International Books Australia Pty Ltd), 2016.
617.917 Ham

Skills for midwifery practice.
Johnson, Ruth and Taylor, Wendy.
4th ed. Edinburgh; New York: Elsevier, 2016.
618.20233 Joh

Practical physiotherapy for veterinary nurses.
Carver, Donna.
Chichester, West Sussex; Ames, Iowa: John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2016.
636.089073 Car

Anesthesia and analgesia for veterinary technicians.
Thomas, John A. (John Alfred).
5th ed. St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier, 2017.
636.089796 Tho

Retailing management.
Levy, Michael and Weitz, Barton A. and Grewal, Dhruv.
9th ed. New York, NY : McGraw-Hill Education, [2014].
658.87 Lev

33 artists in 3 acts.
Thornton, Sarah (Sarah L.),
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, 2014.
709.051 Tho

Twist Library quote of the day:
"The library is the temple of learning and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in history."
~ Carl T. Rowan.

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