Monday, May 9, 2016

Twist list for 9 May 2016


Hei toko i te tukunga: Enabling Maori learner success, Kaupapa Maori learner-centred education practice.
Apanui, Ngahiwi.
Wellington, NZ : Ako Aotearoa National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence, 2015.
378.1982 Apa

The future of indigenous museums: Perspectives from the southwest Pacific.
Stanley, Nick.
New York : Berghahn Books, 2008.
069.0995 Fut

Confronting equality: Gender, knowledge and global change.
Connell, Raewyn.
Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Allen & Unwin, 2011.
300.1 Con

Intellectual property in New Zealand: A user's guide to copyright, patents, trade marks and more.
Sumpter, Paul.
Auckland, New Zealand : Auckland University Press, 2015.
346.048 Sum

What health services are available in tertiary education institutes in New Zealand: Nurses’ perspectives.
Robertson, Sheree Annette.
2015. EIT Thesis.
362.12 Rob

How do patients view continuity of care in a rural hospital with significant medical staff turnover?
Brebner, Tracy.
2015. EIT Thesis.
362.17 Bre

Core components of the Rural Nurse Specialist role in New Zealand.
Bell, Jennie
2015. EIT Thesis.
362.173 Bel

Vygotsky and creativity: A cultural-historical approach to play, meaning making, and the arts.
Connery, M. Catherine.
New York : Peter Lang, 2010.
370.157 Vyg

A second classroom: Parent-teacher relationships in a Waldorf school.
Finser, Torin M.
Great Barrington, MA : SteinerBooks, 2014.
371.192 Fin

Leading change in the early years: Principles and practice.
Rodd, Jillian.
Maidenhead, Berkshire : Open University Press, 2015.
372.12011 Rod

Children's games in the new media age: Childlore, media and the playground.
Burn, Andrew.
Aldershot : Ashgate, 2014.
372.19 Chi

Conversations: Behind early childhood pedagogical documentation.
Fleet, Alma.
Mt Victoria, N.S.W. : Pademelon Press, 2012.
372.21 Con

Progressing play: Practicalities, intentions and possibilities in emerging co-constructed curriculum.
Hunter, Leanne.
[Warner, Qld.] : Consultants at Play, 2012.
372.210994 Hun

Striving for excellence: A guide for tertiary teachers. Volume 1: Striving for excellence in tertiary teaching.
Garbett, Dawn.
Wellington, New Zealand : Ako Aotearoa Academy of Tertiary Teaching Excellence, 2013.
378.125 Gar

Striving for excellence: A guide for tertiary teachers. Volume 2: Tertiary teaching excellence in practice.
Garbett, Dawn.
Wellington, New Zealand : Ako Aotearoa Academy of Tertiary Teaching Excellence, 2013.
378.125 Gar

Making language and learning work. 3 [DVD]: Integrating language and learning in Years 5-8.
New Zealand. Ministry of Education.
Wellington, N.Z. : Ministry of Education, 2008.
428.007093 Mak

Conceptual foundations: The bridge to professional nursing practice.
Friberg, Elizabeth.
6th ed. Maryland Heights, Missouri : Elsevier/Mosby, [2016].
610.73 Con

Smeltzer and Bare's textbook of medical-surgical nursing.
Farrell, Maureen.
2nd. ed. Broadway, N.S.W. : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2011.
610.73 Sme Vol 1.
610.73 Sme Vol 2.

The contemporary military nursing practice of nursing officers in the New Zealand Army.
Argyle, Michelle.
610.7306093 Arg

Anatomy and physiology reference for massage therapists.
Clifton Park, NY : Milady, 2013.
615.822 Ana

The impact of patient suicide on mental health nurses.
Cross, Kerry.
616.89 Cro

Mental health in the digital age.
Bauman, Sheri.
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.
616.8914 Bau

Understanding structures: Analysis, materials, design.
Seward, Derek.
5th ed. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
624.17 Sew

Objective measures of grape and wine quality: Proceedings, ASVO and WISA seminar: Mildura, 25-26 July 2012.
Petrie, Paul R.
Adelaide, SA Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology, [2013].
634.80994 Obj

Below ground management for quality and productivity: Proceedings: ASVO & PGIBSA seminar: Mildura, 28-29 July 2011.
Petrie, Paul R.
Adelaide Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology, [2012].
634.8810994 Bel

Making the best out of difficult vintages: Managing sub-optimal fruit in the winery: Proceedings: ASVO seminar: Adelaide, 22 November 2011.
Petrie, Paul R.
Adelaide Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology, [2013].
641.22 Mak

Parenting for the digital age: The truth behind media's effect on children, and what to do about it.
Ratner, Bill.
[Sanger, California] Familius LLC, [2014].
649.5 Rat

Understanding financial statements.
Fraser, Lyn M.
11th ed. Harlow : Pearson Education Limited, [2016].
657.3 Fra

Twist Library quote of the day:
"Librarians are just like search engines, except they smile and they talk to me and they don't give me paid-for advertising when they are trying to help. And they have actual hearts."
~ Matt Haig.

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