Thursday, December 22, 2016

Twist list for 22 December 2016


The C# player's guide: Using C# 6.0 Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6.
Whitaker, R. B.
2nd ed. United States: Starbound Software , 2015. 
005.133 Whi

Potter & Perry's fundamentals of nursing.
Crisp, Jackie and Douglas, Clint and Rebeiro, Geraldine and Waters, Donna.
5th ed. Chatswood, NSW: Elsevier Australia (a division of Reed International Books Australia Pty Ltd.), 2017.
610.73 Pot

Wellness coaching for lasting lifestyle change.
Arloski, Michael.
2nd ed. Duluth, Minnesota: Whole Person Associates, Inc, 2014. 
613 Arl


New Zealand Novachem agrichemical manual. 2016.
NZ Novachem agrichemical manual. 
Christchurch, N.Z.: AgriMedia, 2016.
632.95 Nov

Takoa: Te aka kumara o Aotearoa: A directory of Māori organisations and resource people. 2016 - 2017.
Te aka kumara o Aotearoa: Takoa.
Auckland, NZ: Tuhi Tuhi Communications, 2016.
919.31025 Aka


Māori Television: The first ten years.
Smith, Jo.
Auckland : Auckland University Press, 2016. 
384.554 Smi


A-Z of transitions.
Jindal-Snape, Divya.
London, UK.: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.
303.4 Jin

Developing skills for social work practice.
Rogers, Michaela and Whitaker, Dawn and Edmondson, David and Peach, Donna.
London: SAGE Publications Ltd, 2017. 
361.320941 Rog
Social work in Aotearoa New Zealand: Exploring fields of practice.
Hay, Kathryn and Dale, Michael and Cooper, Lauren.
Auckland, New Zealand: Massey Texts, 2016. 
361.320993 Hay
Teaching social studies for critical, active citizenship in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Harcourt, Michael and Milligan, Andrea and Wood, Bronwyn.
Wellington, New Zealand : NZCER Press, 2016. 
372.832 Tea

Flipping the college classroom: Practical advice from faculty.
Honeycutt, Barbi.
Madison, Wisconsin: Magna Publications, 2016. 
378.1758 Fli

Teaching strategies for the online college classroom: A collection of articles for faculty.
Madison, Wisconsin: Magna, 2016. 
378.1758 Tea

Strategic management concepts and cases: A competitive advantage approach.
David, Fred R. and David, Fred R.
16th ed. Boston Pearson 2017.
658.4012 Dav

Freehand sketching: An introduction.
Laseau, Paul.
New York: Norton, 2004.
720.284 Las

Susan Holmes: Fabric artist.
Davidson, Cerys Dallaway.
Albany, Auckland: David Bateman Ltd, 2016. 
746.920993 Hol

Watercolor sketching: An introduction.
Laseau, Paul
New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2012.
751.422 Las

Marti Friedlander.
Bell, Leonard.
Auckland, N.Z.: Auckland University Press, 2009.
770.92 Fri

Friedlander, Marti and Manson, Hugo.
Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland University Press, 2013. 
770.92 Fri

Twist Library quote of the day:
“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?”
~ Bob Hope.

Ebook List for 22 December 2016


Community health and wellness: Primary health care in practice (5th ed.).
McMurray, Anne and Clendon, Jill.
Churchill Livingstone Publishers.

Living a healthy life with chronic conditions: Self management of heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, depression, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and other physical and mental health conditions (4th ed.).
Lorig, Kate and Holman, Halsted and Sobel, David.
Bull Publishing Company.

Nutritional pathophysiology of obesity and its comorbidities: A case study approach.
Ettinger, Susan.
Academic Press.

Pathophysiology (5th ed.).
Copstead-Kirkhorn, Lee-Ellen C. and Banasik, Jacquelyn L.
Saunders Publishers.

Seidel's guide to phsyical examination (8th ed.).
Ball, Jane W. and Dains, Joyce, E. and Flynn, John A.
Mosby Publishing.

Twist Library quote of the day:
“A perfectly managed Christmas correct in every detail is, like basted inside seams, and letters answered by return, a sure sign of someone who hasn’t enough to do.”
~ Katharine Whitehorn.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Twist list for 5 December 2016


The Raupō dictionary of modern Māori.
Ryan, P. M. (Peter M.).
4th ed. North Shore, N.Z.: Raupō, 2012.
499.44203 Rau

Research methods for postgraduates.
Greenfield, Tony and Greener, Sue.
3rd ed. Chichester, UK; Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2016.
001.42 Res

Ethics in health services management.
Darr, Kurt.
5th ed. Baltimore: Health Professions Press, 2011.
174.2 Dar

A new companion to digital humanities.
Schreibman, Susan and Siemens, Raymond George and Unsworth, John.
Chichester; Malden, MA: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2016.
300.72 New

Developing effective research proposals.
Punch, Keith.
3rd ed. Los Angeles: SAGE, 2016.
300.72 Pun

In our prime: The fascinating history and promising future of middle age.
Cohen, Patricia.
New York: Scribner, 2012.
305.244 Coh

Developing communities for the future.
Kenny, Susan and Connors, Phil.
South Melbourne, Vic. Cengage Learning, 2016.
307 Ken

Helping children to tell about sexual abuse: Guidance for helpers.
McElvaney, Rosaleen.
London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2016.
362.7686 McE

Integrating critical multiliteracies using the four resources model: A New Zealand guide.
Tilson, Jane and Sandretto, Susan.
Wellington, New Zealand : NZCER Press, 2016.
372.416 Til

Nursing calculations.
Gatford, J. D. and Phillips, N. (Nicole).
9th ed. Edinburgh; New York: Elsevier, 2016.
513.12461073 Gat

Food, nutrition and health.
Tapsell, Linda.
Melbourne, Victoria: Oxford University Press, 2013.
613.2 Foo

The spark: A mother's story of nurturing, genius, and autism.
Barnett, Kristine.
New York : Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2014.
616.8588 Bar

What works for whom?: A critical review of treatments for children and adolescents.
Fonagy, Peter.
2nd ed. New York: The Guilford Press, 2016.
618.928914 Fon

Biodynamic gardening.
Waldin, Monty.
New York, New York: DK Publishing, 2015.
635.0484 Wal

A year in my real food kitchen.
Galloway, Emma.
Auckland, New Zealand: HarperCollins Publishers, 2016.
641.563 Gal

Pen to paper: Artists' handwritten letters from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art.
Savig, Mary.
New York: Princeton Architectural Press, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, 2016.
700.92 Arc

Sousanis, Nick.
Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2015.
701.15 Sou

Craft and the creative economy.
Luckman, Susan.
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.
702.3 Luc

Visiting with the ancestors: Blackfoot shirts in museum spaces.
Peers, Laura Lynn and Brown, Alison K.
Edmonton, AB: AU Press, 2015.
704.039712 Vis

Culture warriors: Australian Indigenous Art Trienniel.
Croft, Brenda L.
Rev ed. Parkes, A.C.T.: National Gallery of Australia, 2008.
704.039915 Cul

Juxtapoz wild.
Pricco, Evan.
San Francisco, California: Gingko Press, 2015.
704.9432 Jux

Frieze: A to Z of Contemporary Art.
Sharp, Amanda and Slotover, Matthew.
London, England: New York: Phaidon, 2016.
709.05 Fri

Ladies a plate.
Jennings, Sherril.
Place of publication not identified: Lulu Com, 2012.
709.2 Jen

Warren Viscoe: Life and limb.
Viscoe, Warren
Wanganui, N.Z.: Sarjeant Gallery, 2000.
709.2 Vis

APT8: The 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art.
Gallery of Modern Art (Brisbane, Qld.).
South Brisbane, Qld.: Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, 2015.
709.50904 Asi

Future Islands: The New Zealand Exhibition, Biennale Architettura 2016.
Waghorn, Kathy.
Auckland: New Zealand Institute of Architects Incorporated, 2016.
720.993 Fut

Outdoor art: Extraordinary sculpture parks and art in nature.
Langen, Silvia and Elliott, Fiona.
Munich; London; New York: Prestel, 2015.
730 Lan

The elements of sculpture: A viewer's guide.
George, Herbert.
London : Phaidon Press, 2014.
730.118 Geo

The language of mixed-media sculpture.
Scott, Jac.
Ramsbury: The Crowood Press, 2014.
730.922 Sco

Sculpture on the move: 1946-2016.
Baier, Simon.
Ostfildern, Germany: Hatje Cantz, 2016.
735.23 Scu

Graphic design visionaries.
Roberts, Caroline.
London: Laurence King Publishing, 2015.
741.60922 Rob

My life in design.
Conran, Terence.
London Conran Octopus, 2016.
745.2092 Con

Anselm Kiefer: The woodcuts.
Hoerschelmann, Antonia.
Vienna: Albertina; Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz, 2016.
759.3 Kie

Richard & Elizabeth Wallwork.
Roberts, Neil (Neil Walter).
Christchurch, N.Z.: Robert McDougall Art Gallery for Christchurch City Council, 2000.
759.993 Rob

Traces of the wake: The etching revival in Britain and beyond.
Maskill, David W.
Wellington: Adam Art Gallery Te Pātaka Toi at Victoria University of Wellington, 2015.
767.20904 Tra

Twist Library quote of the day:
"To see a change, you need to become a living, breathing asset to everyone you know and a true advocate to everything you believe in."
~ Unknown.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ebook list for 29 November 2016


Being digital citizens.
Isin, Engin and Ruppert, Evelyn.
Rowman and Littlefield International.

Children's rights: Today's global challenge.
Wall, John.
Rowman and Littlefield International.

Communicating global to local resiliency: A case study of the transition movement.
Polk, Emily.
Lexington Books.

Ethics in an age of savage inequalities.
Winchester, James J.
Lexington Books.

Fair and foul: Beyond the myths and paradoxes of sport (6th ed.).
Eitzen, D. Stanley.
Rowman and Littlefield International.

Feminist advocacy: Gendered organizations in community-based responses to domestic violence.
Nichols, Andrea J.
Lexington Books.

How can we save sports: A game plan.
Reed, Ken and Nader, Ralph.
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Just food: Philosophy, justice and food.
Dieterle, J.M.
Rowman and Littlefield International.

Just plain data analysis: Finding, presenting and interpreting social science data (2nd ed.).
Klass, Gary M.
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Justifying same-sex marriage: A philosophical investigation.
Richardson-Self, Louise.
Rowman and Littlefield International.

Juvenile delinquency: A sociological approach (10th ed.).
Thompson, William E. and Bynum, Jack E.
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Lactation and the mammary gland.
Akers, R. Micahel.

Learning to be old: Gender, culture and aging (3rd ed.).
Cruikshank, Margaret.
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Online teaching survival guide: Simple and practical pedagogical tips (2nd ed.).
Boettcher, Judith V. and Conrad, Rita-Marie.
Wiley Publsihers.

Our black sons matter: Mothers talk about fears, sorrows and hopes.
Yancy, George and Davidson, Maria del Guadalupe and Hadley, Susan.
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Poverty and power: The problem of structural inequality (2nd ed.).
Royce, Edward.
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Practical lean leadership for health care managers: A guide to sustainable and effective application of lean principles.
Aij, Kjeld H. and Lohman, Bas.
Productivity Press.

Race and gender in the classroom: Teachers, privilege and enduring social inequalities.
Stoll, Laurie Cooper and Embrick, David G.
Lexington Books.

Reconceptualising critical victimology: Interventions and possibilities.
Spencer, Dale and Walklate, Sandra and Ballinger, Anette.
Lexington Books.

Rethinking social inquiry: Diverse tools, shared standards (2nd ed.).
Brady, Henry E. and Collier, David.
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Seeing straight: An introduction to gender and sexual privilege.
Halley, Jean and Eshleman, Amy.
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Social and behavioral science for health professionals.
Hinote, Brian P. and Wasserman, Jason Adam.
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Social, political and cultural dimesnions of health.
Dew, Kevin and Scott, Anne and Kirkman, Allison.
Springer Publishing.

The brain-eye: New histories of modern painting.
Alliez, Eric and Martin, Jean-Clet and Mackay, Robin.
Rowman and Littlefield International.

The causes and consequences of group violence: From bullies to terrorists.
Hawdon, James and Ryan, John and Lucht, Marc.
Lexington Books.

The war of poverty: A retroperspective.
Farmbry, Kyle.
Lexington Books.

What connected educators do differently.
Whitaker, Todd and Zoul, Jeffrey and Casas, Jimmy.
Routledge Publishers.

Twist Library quote of the day:
"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."
~ Meg Cabot.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Twist list for 25 November 2016


Fabricate: In touch with the material world.
Alterknitives Enterprises.
Ponsonby, Auckland : Alterknitives Enterprises, 2016.
746 Fab


Beauty technology: Designing seamless interfaces for wearable computing.
Vega, Katia and Fuks, Hugo.
Switzerland : Springer, 2016.
004.167 Veg

Routledge handbook of sport and new media.
Billings, Andrew and Hardin, Marie.
Abingdon, Oxon Routledge, 2016.
306.483 Rou

The reflective practice guide: An interdisciplinary approach to critical reflection.
Bassot, Barbara.
London; New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016.
361.06 Bas

A sense of wonder: Science in early childhood education.
Aitken, Jenny and Hunt, Jan and Roy, Elizabeth and Sajfar, Bess and Featherstone, Sally.
London, UK: Featherstone Education, 2015.
372.35 Ait

Encouraging diversity in higher education: Supporting student success.
Hughes, Kate Pritchard.
Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge, 2017.
378.1982 Hug

A continent on the move: New Zealand geoscience revealed.
Graham, Ian.
2nd ed. Wellington, New Zealand: The Geoscience Society of New Zealand in association with GNS Science, 2015.
559.3 Con

Anatomy of exercise encyclopedia.
Liebman, Hollis Lance.
London: Bloomsbury Sport, 2013.
612.044 Lie

Feed your brain: 7 steps to a lighter, brighter you!
McCabe, Delia.
Wollombi, N.S.W. Exisle Publishing, 2016.
613.2 McC

Caplan's stroke: A clinical approach.
Caplan, Louis R.
5th ed. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016.
616.81 Cap

DSM-5 casebook and treatment guide for child mental health.
Galanter, Cathryn and Jensen, Peter.
Arlington, VA : American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2017.
618.9289 DSM

Dictionary of veterinary nursing.
Lane, D. R.
4th ed. Edinburgh; New York: Elsevier, 2016.
636.089073 Lan

Nutrition and disease management for veterinary technicians and nurses.
Wortinger, Ann and Burns, Kara.
2nd ed. Ames, Iowa: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2015.
636.08932 Wor

Pain management for veterinary technicians and nurses.
Goldberg, Mary and Shaffran, Nancy.
Ames, Iowa : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2015.
636.08951 Pai

Surgical patient care for veterinary technicians and nurses.
Holzman, Gerianne and Raffel, Teri.
Ames, Iowa, USA; Chichester, West Sussex, UK; Oxford, UK: Wiley Blackwell, 2015.
636.0897 Hol

Veterinary dentistry: A team approach.
Holmstrom, Steven E.
2nd ed. St. Louis, Mo.: Elsevier/Mosby, 2013.
636.08976 Hol

Small animal dental procedures for veterinary technicians and nurses.
Perrone, Jeanne.
Ames, Iowa: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
636.08976 Sma

BSAVA manual of canine and feline anaesthesia and analgesia.
Duke-Novakovski, Tanya and De Vries, Marieke and Seymour, Chris.
3rd ed. Quedgeley, Gloucester: British Small Animal Veterinary Association, 2016.
636.089796 BSA

Practical canine behaviour: For veterinary nurses and technicians.
Hedges, Stephanie and C.A.B. International.
Wallingford, Oxfordshire: CABI, 2014.
636.70887 Hed

New Zealand wine: The land, the vines, the people.
Moran, Warren.
Auckland: Auckland University Press, 2016.
641.220993 Mor

Information technology project management: Providing measurable organizational value.
Marchewka, Jack T.
5th ed. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2015.
658.404 Mar

Information technology project management.
Schwalbe, Kathy.
8th ed. Boston, MA.: Cengage Learning, 2016.
658.404 Sch

Understanding wine chemistry.
Waterhouse, Andrew Leo.
Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2016.
663.2 Wat

Picasso sculpture.
Picasso, Pablo.
New York : The Museum of Modern Art, 2015.
730.92 Pic

Last layer: New methods in digital printing for photography, fine art, and mixed media.
Lhotka, Bonny Pierce.
San Francisco, California: New Riders, 2013.
760.0285 Lho

Life on Instagram: 2017.
Stoddart, Jim.
London : Particular Books, 2016.
770.28553 Lif

Edward Burtynsky: Essential elements.
Burtynsky, Edward.
London: Thames & Hudson Ltd., 2016.
770.92 Bur

GreenScreen made easy: Keying and compositing techniques for indie filmmakers.
Hanke, Jeremy.
2nd ed. Studio City, CA: Michael Wiese Productions, 2016.
777.9 Han

Twist Library quote of the day:
"Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other."
~ Brian Tracy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Twist list for 22 November 2016


Gottfried Lindauer's New Zealand: The Māori portraits.
Lindauer, Gottfried and Mason, Ngahiraka and Stanhope, Zara.
Auckland: Auckland University Press, 2016 
759.993 Lin


Work without stress: Building a resilient mindset for lasting success.
Roger, Derek and Petrie, Nick.
New York: McGraw-Hill, 2017. 
158.72 Rog

Small town sustainability: Economic, social, and environmental innovation.
Knox, Paul L. and Mayer, Heike.
2nd ed. Basel: Birkhauser, 2013. 
338.9 Kno

Parole in New Zealand: Law and practice.
Mather, David.
Wellington: Thomson Reuters, 2016. 
345.077 Mat

Social work for sociologists: Theory and practice.
Van Heugten, Kate and Gibbs, Anita.
New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. 
361.3 Soc

Getting it right for boys.
Farmer, Neil.
London: Featherstone Education, 2012.
372.210941 Far

Teacher's source book for mathematics in classes 6 to 8.
York, Jamie.
Edinburgh, UK.: Floris Books, 2016.
372.7044 Yor

Education in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.
Crossley, Michael and Hancock, Greg and Sprague, Terra. 
[S.l.]: Bloomsbury Academic, 2016.
379.9 Edu
Biomechanics of sport and exercise.
McGinnis, Peter Merton.
3rd ed. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2013.
612.76 McG

Food for fitness: How to eat for maximum performance.
Bean, Anita.
4th ed. London; New York: Bloomsbury, 2014. 
613.7 Bea
Practical self-sufficiency: An Australian guide to sustainable living.
Strawbridge, Dick.
Camberwell, Vic.: Dorling Kindersley, 2011.
630 Str

The good dirt: Improving soil health for more successful gardening.
White, Xanthe.
New Zealand: Random House New Zealand, 2016. 
631.41 Whi

Smart gardening: Grow your own fruit and vegetables, save money and the environment.
Nankervis, Marcelle.
Wollombi, N.S.W.: Exisle Publishing, 2010.
635 Nan

Andrew Steens grow it yourself vegetables.
Steens, Andrew.
Auckland, N.Z.: David Bateman, 2010.
635.0993 Ste
The bee friendly garden: Easy ways to help the bees and make your garden grow.
Purdie, Doug.
Sydney: Murdoch Books, 2016.
638.13 Pur

The essential edible pharmacy: Heal yourself from the inside out.
Manolas, Sophie.
Wollombi, N.S.W. Exisle Publishing, 2016. 
641.563 Man

Savour: Salads for all seasons.
Gordon, Peter and Linder, Lisa.
London: Jacqui Small LLP, 2016. 
641.83 Gor

How to make sewing patterns.
McCunn, Donald H.
2nd ed. San Francisco, CA: Design Enterprises of San Francisco, 2016. 
646.4072 McC

HBR's 10 must reads on managing across cultures.
Harvard Business Review Press.
Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Review Press, 2016. 
658.3008 Har

Artefacts of encounter: Cook's voyages, colonial collecting and museum histories.
Thomas, Nicholas and Admas, Julie and Lythberg, Billie. 
Dunedin, New Zealand : Otago University Press, 2016.
708.995 Art

The fundamentals of fashion management.
Dillon, Susan.
Lausanne, Switzerland: AVA, 2012.
746.920688 Dil

Fashion designers A-Z: The collection of the Museum at FIT.
Steele, Valerie.
Koln, Germany : TASCHEN GmbH, 2016. 
746.92092 Ste

Echo and reverb: Fabricating space in popular music recording, 1900-1960.
Doyle, Peter.
Middletown, Conn.: Wesleyan University Press, 2005.
781.64149 Doy

Twist Library quote of the day:
"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn."
~ "Benjamin Franklin.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Twist list for 9 November 2016


Maumahara ki tērā Nōema.
Beck, Jennifer.
Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa: Huia Publishers, 2012.


The remarkable cake shop.
Cowley, Joy.
Alexandra: Draconis Ltd., 2015.

The tuatara and the skink.
Morrison, Yvonne.
Auckland: Scholastic, 2014.

Who moved my cheese?: An amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life.
Johnson, Spencer.
New York: Putnam's Sons, 2001.
155.24 Joh

The big smoke: New Zealand cities, 1840-1920.
Schrader, Ben.
Wellington, New Zealand: Bridget Williams Books, 2016
307.760993 Sch

Complementary medicine in Australia and New Zealand: Its popularisation, legitimation, and dilemmas.
Baer, Hans A.
Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2016.
615.5 Bae

Front office management for the veterinary team.
Prendergast, Heather.
2nd ed. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier/Saunders, 2015.
636.089068 Pre

Art since 1900: Modernism, antimodernism, postmodernism.
Foster, Hal.
3rd ed. London Thames & Hudson, 2016.
709.04 Art

Vintage details: A fashion sourcebook.
Mayer, Jeffrey.
London: Laurence King Publishing, 2016.
746.92 May

New Zealand's best trips: 26 amazing road trips.
Atkinson, Brett.
Carlton, Victoria: Lonely Planet Global Limited, 2016.
919.3044 Atk

New Zealand (Aotearoa).
Rawlings-Way, Charles.
18th ed. Footscray, Victoria: Lonely Planet, 2016.
919.3044 New

Twist Library quotes of the day:

"I believe the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century."
~ Hillary Clinton.

"It's a national embarrassment that an illegal immigrant can walk across the border and receive free health care and one of our veterans that has served our country is put on a waiting list and gets no care."
~ Donald Trump.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Twist list for 1 November 2016


Rebooting the regions: Why low or zero growth needn't mean the end of prosperity.
Spoonley, Paul.
Auckland, New Zealand : Massey University Press, 2016. 
338.9 Reb

Qualitative research: A guide to design and implementation.
Merriam, Sharan B. and Tisdell, Elizabeth J.
4th ed. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2016. 
370.72 Mer

Small animal emergency and critical care for veterinary technicians.
Battaglia, Andrea M. and Steele, Andrea M.
3rd ed. St. Louis, Missouri : Elsevier, 2016. 
636.0896025 Sma

Somethingtofoodabout: Exploring creativity with innovative chefs.
Questlove and Greenman, Ben and Hamada, Kyoko.
New York : Clarkson Potter/Publishers, 2016. 
641.50922 Que

Cooking 4 change: 101 famous Kiwis share their favourite recipes.
Potton and Burton.
New Zealand: Illustrated Cargoship, 2016. 
641.50993 Coo

Pipi at home.
Tylee, Alexandra and Brimer, Richard.
Auckland: Random House New Zealand, 2016. 
641.50993 Tyl

Clean cakes: Delicious patisserie made with whole, natural and nourishing ingredients and free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar.
Inman, Henrietta and Linder, Lisa.
London: Jacqui Small, 2016. 
641.86 Inm

Knife and fork: Visual identities for restaurants, food and beverages.
Klanten, Robert and Sinofzik, Anna.
Berlin : Gestalten, 2014. 
647.95 Kni

Start: Saatchi Gallery, 10-13 September, 2015.
Ciclitira, Serenella and Saatchi Gallery.
Milano, Italy: Skira, 2015. 
709.05 Sta

Pauline Rhodes: Dark Watch.
Rhodes, Pauline and Cunnane, Abby and Huddleston, Charlotte and St Paul St Gallery.
Auckland, N.Z.: ST Paul St Gallery; Christchurch, N.Z.: The Physics Room, 2016. 
709.2 Rho

This model world: Travels to the edge of contemporary art.
Byrt, Anthony.
Auckland, New Zealand : Auckland University Press, 2016. 
709.93 Byr

47° South Rakiura: Five artists on Stewart Island, John Pusateri, Jenna Packer, Jacqueline Aust, Inge Doesburg, Jacqui Colley.
Pusateri, John and Packer, Jenna and Aust, Jacqueline and Doesburg, Inge and Colley, Jacqui.
Wellington, New Zealand: Solander Gallery, 2016. 
709.93 Sou

Now showing: A history of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.
Barton, Christina and Bywater, Jonathan and Curnow, Wystan.
New Plymouth, New Zealand: Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, 2016. 
709.9348 Now

Bloomsbury South: the arts in Christchurch, 1933-1953.
Simpson, Peter.
Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland University Press, 2016.
709.938 Sim
Futuna: Life of a building.
Bevin, Nick and O'Brien, Gregory.
Wellington, New Zealand: Victoria University Press in association with Futuna Charitable Trust, 2016.
726.9 Fut

Emily Jackson: A painter's landscape.
Jackson, Emily and Nicholson, Bronwen.
Pokeno: Atuanui Press, 2016. 
759.993 Jac

Dibben, Nicola.
Rev. ed. Sheffield: Equinox, 2013. 
781.66092 Bjo

Liveness: Performance in a mediatized culture.
Auslander, Philip.
2nd ed. New York: Routledge, 2008.
791.0973 Aus

Coming on strong: Gender and sexuality in women's sport.
Cahn, Susan K.
2nd ed. Urbana : University of Illinois Press, 2015. 
796.082 Cah

Vernacular: The everyday landscape of New Zealand.
Smith, Philip and Straight, David.
Nelson, New Zealand : Potton & Burton, 2015. 
919.3 Smi
Reading the country: Introduction to Nomadology.
Benterrak, Krim and Muecke, Stephen and Roe, Paddy.
Prahran, Melbourne, 2014. 
919.414 Ben

Twist Library quote of the day:
"Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest."
~ Lady Bird Johnson.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Twist list for 25 October 2016


The professor in the cage: Why men fight and why we like to watch.
Gottschall, Jonathan.
New York, New York: Penguin Books, 2016.
155.232 Got

Sport and society: A student introduction.
Houlihan, Barrie and Malcolm, Dominic.
3rd ed. Los Angeles: SAGE, 2016.
306.483 Spo

Fortify: The fighter's guide to overcoming pornography addiction.
Fight the new drug (Organization).
Sanger, California]: Familius 2015.
363.47 For

What're we doin' for P.E.? Games your students have never played, but will beg you to play again! 105 original games for upper grades plus other fun things.
Headley, Dale.
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My fight, your fight.
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796.8092 Rou

Twist Library quote of the day:
"Resilience is knowing that you are the only one that has the power and the
responsibility to pick yourself up."
~ Mary Holloway.


Ebook list for 25 October 2016


Compassionate person-centred care for the dying: An evidence-based palliative care guide for nurses.
Freeman, B., DasGupta, T., Fitch, M.
Springer Publishing Company.

Creation ethics: Reporduction, genetics and quality of life.
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Critical pedagogy for social justice.
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Handbook of meningococcal disease management.
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Understanding nursing research: Building an evidence-based practice. (6th ed.).
Grove, S., Gray, J., Burns, N.
Saunders Publishers.

Twist Library quote of the day:
"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
~ Albert Einstein.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Twist list for 19 October 2016


Narrating indigenous modernities: Transcultural dimensions in contemporary Māori literature.
Moura-Kocoglu, Michaela.
Amsterdam; New York: Rodopi, 2011.              
899.442 Mou


Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC for photographers.
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Child rich communities: Aotearoa New Zealand's 'bright spots".
Wanwimolruk, Michelle.
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362.828 Wan
Social work and family violence: Theories, assessment, and intervention.
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362.82924 McC

Adapting to teaching and learning in open-plan schools.
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Rotterdam : Sense Publishers, 2014.              
371.395 Ada

NCEA in context.
Hipkins, Rosemary.
Wellington, New Zealand : NZCER Press, 2016. 
373.1260993 Hip

Fashion 150: 150 years, 150 designers.
Piazza, Arianna. 
London : Laurence King Publishing, 2016.            
391.009 Fas               

In Vogue: The illustrated history of the world's most famous fashion magazine.
Angeletti, Norberto and Oliva, Alberto.
Updated ed. New York: Rizzoli: Distributed in the U.S. trade by Random House; Enfield: Publishers Group UK distributor, 2012.
391.009 Vog
Survival of the prettiest: The science of beauty.
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391.6 Etc             

Face value: The hidden ways beauty shapes women's lives.
Whitefield-Madrano, Autumn.
New York: Simon & Schuster, 2016.             
392.6 Whi             

Body by Darwin: How evolution shapes our health and transforms medicine.
Taylor, Jeremy.
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2015.              
576.8 Tay
Listening, learning, caring & counselling: The essential manual for psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors & other healthcare professionals on caring for their clients.
Howell, Cate.
Wollombi, N.S.W. Exisle Publishing Pty Ltd, 2016.              
616.891 How

Face paint: The story of makeup.
Eldridge, Lisa.
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646.7209 Eld

Fleur: The life and times of pioneering restaurateur Fleur Sullivan.
Sullivan, Fleur and Brown, Nathalie and McLean, Aaron.
Auckland, N.Z.: Random House, 2011.
647.95092 Sul
Sakahan: International indigenous art.
Hill, Greg A. and Hopkins, Candice and Lalonde, Christine.
Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 2013.
704.0397 Hil
Trashures: The beauty of useless stuff; rubbish rocks!
Brunt, Anja and Meirink, Tineke.
Amsterdam : BIS Publishers, 2016.
709.050407 Bru
Julian Dashper & friends.
Leonard, Robert and Dashper, Julian.
Wellington, New Zealand : City Gallery Wellington, 2015.            
709.2 Das
Unseen City: Gary Baigent, Rodney Charters and Robert Ellis in Sixties Auckland.
Leonard, Robert.
Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand: Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery ; Wellington, New Zealand : City Gallery Wellington, 2015.             
709.22 Uns

Architecture in wood: A world history: with over 400 colour illustrations.
Pryce, Will.
London : Thames & Hudson, 2016.              
721.0448 Pry
Mud and colour man: The Morris & James story.
Morris, Anthony.
Auckland, N.Z.: HarperCollins, 2010.
738.092 Mor
Fashion + music: Fashion creatives shaping pop culture.
Baron, Katie.
London : Laurence King, 2016.              
746.92 Bar
Acrylic illuminations: Reflective and luminous acrylic painting techniques.
Reyner, Nancy.
Cincinnati, Ohio: North Light Books, an imprint ot F+W Media, 2013.           
751.426 Rey
Singing the body electric: The human voice and sound technology.
Young, Miriama.
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783.04 You

Seinfeldia: How a show about nothing changed everything.
Armstrong, Jennifer Keishin.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2016.              
791.4572 Arm

Twist Library quote of the day:
"Teachers are to inspire; Librarians are to fulfill."
~ Ray Bradbury.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Twist list for 13 October 2016


Matauranga Māori and museum practice: A discussion.
Royal, Te Ahukaramu Charles.
Wellington, N.Z.: National Services = Te Paerangi, 2007.
069.075 Roy

Improving bicultural relationships: A case study: The C Company 28 Māori Battalion collection and exhibition at Gisborne Museum and Arts Centre.
Soutar, Monty.
Wellington, N.Z.: Te Papa National Services, 2000.
069.075 Sou

Te ara: Māori pathways of leadership.
Pfeiffer, Krzysztof.
Oratia, Auckland: Libro International, 2010.
305.8994 Pfe

Kaupapa rangahau: A reader: A collection of readings from the Kaupapa Maori Research workshop series led by Associate Professor Leonie Pihama and Dr Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai.
Pihama, Leonie and Tiakiwai, Sarah-Jane.
Kirikiriroa: Te Matenga Punenga o Te Kotahi, Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato; Ngāruawahia: Waikato-Tainui College for Research and Development; Auckland: Nga Pae o te Maramatanga, 2015.
305.8994072 Kau

Definitions of whanau: A review of selected literature.
Lawson-Te Aho, Keri.
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306.857 Law

Whanau strategic framework: 2009-2012.
New Zealand. Families Commission.
Wellington [N.Z.]: Families Commission, 2010.
306.857 New

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Tamua, Michelle.
Wellington, New Zealand : Ministry of Education, 2015.
372.89044 Tam

Freeing ourselves.
Bishop, Russell.
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379.26 Bis

Report on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.
New Zealand Waitangi Tribunal.
Lower Hutt, New Zealand: Legislation Direct, 2016.
382.911 Wai 2522

Te Reo: Dictionary = Papakupu: Maori-English, English-Maori.
Riley, Murdoch.
Paraparaumu, N.Z.: Viking Sevenseas, 2006.
499.442 Ril

E nga uri whakatupu: Weaving legacies: Dame Rangimarie Hetet and Diggeress Te Kanawa.Te Awekotuku, Ngahuia.
Te Awekotuku, Ngahuia and Hetet, Rangimarie.
Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand: Waikato Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato in association with Te Kawaunui Trust, 2015.
746.42 Tea

Discover Māori: Nau mai, haere mai = welcome.
New Zealand Te Puni Kokiri.
Wellington, N.Z.: The Ministry, 2011.
919.3 Dis

Airini Karauria: Her history, her life, her descendants.
Fearn, Evelyn.
Taradale, Hawke's Bay: Eastern Institute of Technology, 2016
929.20993 Fea

Exploring Nature's Pattern Magic.
Pigneguy, Dee.
Auckland: Mary Egan Publishing, 2015.
516.15 Pig


Head first Python.
Barry, Paul.
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005.133 Bar

Irrational exuberance.
Shiller, Robert J.
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332.6322 Shi

New Zealand health strategy. Future direction.
New Zealand Ministry of Health.
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New Zealand health strategy. Roadmap of actions 2016.
New Zealand Ministry of Health.
Wellington, New Zealand : Ministry of Health, 2016.
362.10993 New

Documenting children's learning.
Chng, Angela.
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372.21 Doc

Creativity and young children: Wondering, exploring, discovering, learning.
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372.21 Nil

Leading with heart & soul.
Christie, Toni.
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Connecting with babies.
Fleer, Marilyn.
Deakin West, A.C.T.: Early Childhood Australia Inc., 2016.
372.216 Fle

Dreaming stories: A springboard for learning.
Connor, Jenni.
2nd. ed. Deakin West ACT Early Childhood Australia Inc., 2016.
372.677 Con

Fair Play. [DVD].
Sedlackova, Andrea and Hejdova, Irena.
Warszawa, SPI Video; 2014.
612.044 Fai

Visual soil assessment field guide: Pastures part 1.
Shepherd, T. G. (Trevor Graham).
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631.4993 She

Visual soil assessment field guide: Pastures part 2; visual indicators of environmental performance under pastoral grazing a guide.
Shepherd, T. G. (Trevor Graham).
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Visual soil assessment field guide: Annual crops.
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Visual soil assessment field guide: Vineyards.
Shepherd, T. G. (Trevor Graham).
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631.4993 She
Visual soil assessment field guide: Orchards.
Shepherd, T. G. (Trevor Graham).
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Visual soil assessment field guide: Olive orchards.
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Visual soil assessment field guide: Maize part 1.
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631.4993 She
Visual soil assessment field guide: Maize part 2; visual indicators of environmental performance under cropping, a guide.
Shepherd, T. G. (Trevor Graham).
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Mergers, acquisitions, and other restructuring activities: An integrated approach to process, tools, cases, and solutions.
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The quality improvement field guide: Achieving and maintaining value in your organization.
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658.4 Bar

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Head first PMP.
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The Virgin way: Everything I know about leadership.
Branson, Richard.
New York : Portfolio Hardcover, 2014.
658.4092 Bra
Global marketing.
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7th ed. Harlow Pearson 2017.
658.84 Hol

Inside the mind of the shopper: The science of retailing.
Sorensen, Herb.
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658.87 Sor

Digital property: Open-source architecture.
Fok, Wendy W. and Picon, Antoine.
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721.0449 Dig

Twist Library quote of the day:
"We need to change the culture of this topic and make it OK to speak about mental health and suicide."
~ Luke Richardson.