Monday, April 13, 2015

Twist List for 13 April 2015


Sociology : pop culture to social structure.
Brym, Robert J. and Lie, John.
3rd ed. Australia ; Belmont, CA : Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2013.
301 Bry
Cultures and organizations : software of the mind : intercultural cooperation and its importance for survival.
Hofstede, Geert H. and Hofstede, Gert J. and Minkov, Michael.
3rd ed. New York : McGraw-Hill, 2010.
306 Hof

Law and business.
Ciro, Tony and Goldwasser, Vivien and Verma, Reeta.
4th ed. South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia : Oxford University Press, [2014].
346.9407 Cir

The Oxford handbook of suicide and self-injury.
Nock, Matthew.
New York : Oxford University Press, [2014].
362.28 Oxf

Inclusive pedagogy from a child's perspective.
Fleer, Marilyn.
Deakin West, ACT : Early Childhood Australia, 2015.
371.9047 Fle

What obesity interventions, if any, are provided by paediatric nurses in the hospital setting?
Repko, Diana Victoria.
618.9200231 Rep

Bees : tales from the hive. [DVD].
Friedman, Thomas and Thaler, Wolfgang.
Boston : WGBH Educational Foundation, 2007.
638.1 Bee

The inside story of a wine label : A comprehensive guide through all of the required and non-required items seen on U.S. Wine labels.
Reynolds, Ann.
[Charleston, S.C. : Create Space], 2011.
641.22 Rey
The making of a barrel of wine.
Johns, Barry.
Amberley, NZ. Glasnevin Wine Estates Ltd ; 2013
641.2223 Joh

Introduction to management.
Combe, Colin.
Oxford Oxford University Press, 2014.
658 Com

Applied corporate finance.
Damodaran, Aswath.
4th ed. Hoboken : Wiley, 2015.
658.15 Dam

Human resource management in Australia & New Zealand.
Nel, P. S. (Piet S.).
South Melbourne, Vic. : Oxford University Press, 2012.
658.3 Hum

Rewards, remuneration and performance : a strategic approach.
Macky, Keith A. (Keith Alexander) and Wilson, Marie (Marie G.).
Auckland [N.Z.] : CCH New Zealand, 2013.
658.32 Mac

Six sigma : basic tools and techniques.
Summers, Donna C. S.
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2007.
658.4013 Sum

Primal leadership : unleashing the power of emotional intelligence.
Goleman, Daniel and Boyatzis, Richard E. and McKee, Annie.
Boston : Harvard Business ReviewPress, [2013].
658.4092 Gol

Communication for business.
Tynan, Liz and Edmondson, Beth and Wolstencroft, David.
South Melbourne, Vic. : Oxford University Press, 2013.
658.45 Tyn

Auckland Art Fair.
Amery, Mark.
Auckland, N.Z. : Auckland Art Fair Ltd., 2011.
709.93074 Auc
Catalogue 2000 : exhibition of finest NZ art, 1850-2000.
Ferner Galleries and Brown, Warwick and Jarvis, Adrienne and Poland, Natalie.
Auckland, N.Z. : Ferner Galleries, [2000].
709.93074 Cat

Vivid building : drawings of the architecture of Ian Athfield and Roger Walker.
Martin, Lewis E. and Athfield, Ian and Walker, Roger.
Palmerston North, N.Z. : Dunmore Press, 1994.
720.22293 Mar
Constructions : an experimental approach to intensely local architectures.
Hensel, Michael and Cordua, Christian Hermansen.
John Wiley & Sons Inc ; 2015.
724.7 Con
A big life.
Kee, Jenny and Trenoweth, Samantha.
Camberwell, Vic. : Lantern, 2006.
746.92092 Kee

Twist Library quote of the day:
“Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.”
~ Brian Tracy.

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