Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ebook list for 5 November 2014

Education and Social Science

Gask, L. and Chew-Graham, C. (Eds.) (2014). ABC of anxiety and depression.

Kaufman, J. C. (2014). Creativity and mental illness.

Neenan, M. and Dryden, W. (2014). Cognitive behaviour therapy: 100 key points and techniques (2nd ed.).

Simos, G. (Ed.) (2014). Cognitive behaviour therapy: A guide for the practicing clinician.

Mental Health

Bucky, S. F. and Callan, J. E. and Stricker, G. (Eds.) (2013). Ethical and legal issues for mental health professionals: A comprehensive handbook of principles and standards.

Fernando, S. (2014). Mental health worldwide: Culture, globalization and development.

Heginbotham, C. and Newbigging, K. (2013). Commissioning health and wellbeing.

Roberts, M. C. (Ed.) (2014). Model programs in child and family mental health.

Tudor, K. (2013). Mental health promotion: Paradigms and practice.


Anderson, J. J. B. and Sparling, M. C. (2014). The Mediterranean way of eating: Evidence for chronic disease prevention and weight management.

Clifford, C. (2014). Nursing and health care research: A skills-based introduction (2nd ed.).

Coope, B. and Richards, F. (Eds.) (2014). ABC of dementia.

Cragg, L., Davies, M. and Macdowall, W. (Eds.) (2013). Health promotion theory (2nd ed.).

Delva, J. (Ed.) (2014). Families and health: Cross-cultural perspectives.

Drennan, V. and Goodman, C. (Eds.) (2014). Oxford handbook of primary care and community nursing (2nd ed.).

Hagger-Johnson, G. (2014). Introduction to research methods and data analysis in the health sciences.

Hopwood, C. J. and Bornstein, R. F. (Eds.) (2014). Multimethod clinical assessment.

Jolley, J. (2014). Nursing and health survival guides: Research skills.

Maltby, J., Williams, G. A. and McGarry, J. (2014). Research methods for nursing and healthcare.

Rovito, M. J. (2014). Clinical nutrition for dummies.

Snelling, A. M. (Ed.) (2014). Introduction to health promotion.

Thompson, S. R. (2014). The essential guide to public health and health promotion.

Upton, D. and Thirlaway, K. (2014). Promoting healthy behaviour: A practical guide (2nd ed.).

Vieira, G. (2014). Dealing wth diabetes burnout: how to recharge and get back on track when you feel frustrated and overwhelmed living with diabetes.

Yeboah, D. A. (2014). Research methodologies in public health.

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