Saturday, August 30, 2014

Twist list for 30 August 2014


The Mangatu remedies report.
New Zealand. Waitangi Tribunal.
Lower Hutt, New Zealand : Legislation Direct, 2014.
333.2 Wai 814

Crafting phenomenological research.
Vagle, Mark D. (Mark Dennis).
Walnut Creek, California : Left Coast Press, Inc., [2014].
142.7 Vag

InterViews : learning the craft of qualitative research interviewing.
Kvale, Steinar and Brinkmann, Svend.
3rd Ed. Los Angeles : Sage Publications, [2015].
300.0723 Kva

A concise introduction to mixed methods research.
Creswell, John W.
Los Angeles : SAGE, [2015]
300.72 Cre

The Oxford handbook of qualitative research.
Leavey, Patricia.
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2014].
300.72 Oxf

Brookers consumer law handbook 2014 : including an analysis of the recent consumer law reforms.
Van Roy, Yvonne.
Wellington : Brookers Ltd. ; 2014.
343.071 Van

Succeeding in literature reviews and research project plans for nursing students.
Williamson, Graham R. and Whittaker, Andrew.
2nd Ed. Los Angeles : Learning Matters, 2014.
610.73072 Whi
Practical programming for strength training.
Rippetoe, Mark.
3rd Ed. Wichita Falls, Texas : Aasgaard Company, [2013].
613.713 Rip
Adventure therapy : theory, research, and practice.
Gass, Michael A. and Gillis, H.L.Lee, and Russell, Keith C.
New York : Brunner-Routledge, 2012.
616.89165 Gas

Home sausage making : how-to techniques for making and enjoying 100 sausages at home.
Peery, Susan Mahnke and Reavis, Charles.
3rd Ed. North Adams, MA : Storey Books, 2003.
641.36 Pee

Nina St Tropez : recipes from the South of France.
Parker, Nina.
London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2014.
641.594494 Par
Dekura, Hideo.
London, UK : New Holland Publishers, 2014.
641.5952 Dek

Choux : chic & delicious French pastries.
Miles, Hannah and Whittaker, Kate.
London Ryland Peters & Small, 2014.
641.865 Mil
The seven-day weekend : a better way to work in the 21st century.
Semler, Ricardo.
London : Arrow Books, 2003.
658.402 Sem

Maverick! : the success story behind the world's most unusual workplace.
Semler, Ricardo.
London : Arrow, 2001.
658.402 Sem

Mathematics for plumbers and pipefitters.
Smith, Lee.
Clifton Park, N.Y. : Delmar, 2012.
696.10151 Smi
Contemporary art and memory : images of recollection and remembrance.
Gibbons, Joan.
London ; New York : I.B. Tauris, 2007.
701 Gib

The secret language of color : science, nature, history, culture, beauty of red, orange, yellow, green, blue & violet.
Eckstut, Joann.
New York : Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers : Distributed by Workman Pub., 2013.
701.85 Eck
Monica Forster, lateral thinking : furniture, objects, industrial design.
Forster, Monica, and Beatrice, Hanna Nova.
Stockholm : Arvinius Forlag, 2013.
745.2 For

Disobedient objects.
Flood, Catherine, and Grindon, Gavin, and Vicotria and Albert Museum.
London : V&A Publishing, 2014.
745.2074421 Dis

Between the scenes : what every film director, writer, and editor should know about scene transitions.
Bays, Jeffrey Michael.
Studio City, CA : Michael Wiese Productions, [2014].
791.430232  Bay

Developing quality technical information : a handbook for writers and editors.
Carey, Michelle,
3rd Ed. Upper Saddle River : IBM Press, [2014].
808.0666 Car

Twist Quote of the Day:
"Not every child has an equal talent or an equal ability or an equal motivation, but they should have the equal right to develop their talent and their ability and their motivation, to make something of themselves."
~ John F. Kennedy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Twist list for 26 August 2014


International textile report.
Montolivet, France : SLC Textile Report, [2012]-
391 Tex


Guidelines: social media and electronic communication : a nurse's guide to safe use of social media and electronic forms of communication.
Nursing Council of New Zealand.
Wellington: Nursing Council of New Zealand, [2014]
174.2 Nur

Guidelines : professional boundaries : a nurse's guide to the importance of appropriate professional boundaries.
Nursing Council of New Zealand. 
Wellington [N.Z.] : Nursing Council of New Zealand, 2012.
174.2 Nur

Code of ethics for youth work in Aotearoa New Zealand.
National Youth Workers Network Aotearoa. 
2nd Ed. Wellington. N.Z. : Ara Taiohi Inc., 2011.
174.93627 Cod

Pedagogy : programs and relationships in practice.
Kennedy, Anne and Early Childhood Australia.
Deakin West, ACT Early Childhood Australia, 2014. 
372.210994 Ken

A sense of wonder : science in early childhood education.
Aiken, Jenny. 
Albert Park, [Vic.] : Teaching Solutions, 2012.
372.35 Sen

IELTS trainer : six practice tests with answers.
Hashemi, Louise and Thomas, Barbara.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011.
428.24076 Has

Field and laboratory methods for general ecology.
Brower, James E. and Zar, Jerrold H. and Ende, Carl von.
4th Ed. Boston, Mass. : WCB McGraw-Hill, 1998.
577 Bro

Grape pest management.
Bettiga, Larry J.
Oakland, California : University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources, [2013]. 
634.82 Gra

Botanica : the illustrated A-Z of over 10,000 garden plants and how to cultivate them.
Burnie, Geoffrey. 
Potsdam, Germany : Hf Ullmann, 2004.
635.903 Bot

Social, cultural and economic impacts of wine in New Zealand.
Howland, Peter.
Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2014.  
641.22029 Soc

Financial theory and corporate policy.
Copeland, Thomas E. and Weston, Fred J. and Shastri, Kuldeep.
4th Ed. Harlow : Pearson Education Limited, 2013.
658.15 Cop
Advanced management accounting.
Groot, Tom and Selto, Frank H.
Harlow, England ; New York : Pearson, 2013.
658.1511 Gro

Advanced management accounting.
Kaplan, Robert S. and Atkinson, Anthony A.
3rd Ed. Harlow, Essex : Pearson, [2014]. 
658.1511 Kap

Defending your brand : how smart companies use defensive strategy to deal with competitive attacks.
Calkins, Tim.
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. 
658.4012 Cal

Wine science : the application of science in winemaking.
Goode, Jamie.
London : Mitchell Beazley, 2014. 
663.2 Goo

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"Man's desires are limited by his perceptions; none can desire what he has not perceived."
~ William Blake.  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Twist list for 22 August 2014


Give sorrow words : working with a dying child.
Judd, Dorothy,
London : Karnac Books Ltd., 2014.
155.937 Jud

An introduction to qualitative research.
Flick, Uwe.
5th Ed. Los Angeles : SAGE, 2014.
300.72 Fli

The cult of health and beauty in Germany : a social history, 1890-1930.
Hau, Michael.
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2003.
306.4613 Hau

Communication and interpersonal skills in social work.
Koprowska, Juliet.
4th Ed. London : Learning Matters, 2014.
361.32 Kop

Motivational interviewing in schools : strategies for engaging parents, teachers, and students.
Herman, Keith C.
New York, NY : Springer Publishing Company, LLC, [2014].
371.4 Her

Sage handbook of play and learning in early childhood.
Brooker, Liz and Blaise, Mindy and Edwards, Susan.
Los Angeles : Sage ; 2014.
372.21 Sag
Diverse literacies in early childhood : a social justice approach.
Ashton, Jean and Arthur, Leonie and Beecher, Bronwyn.
Camberwell, Vic. ACER Press, 2014.
372.6 Div

Adult education in changing times : policies, philosophies and professionalism.
Bowl, Marion.
Leicester : National Institute of Adult Continuing Education, 2014.
374 Bow

A history of human beauty.
Marwick, Arthur.
London : Hambledon and London, 2004.
391.6 Mar

Ready for FCE : workbook.
Norris, Roy.
Oxford Macmillan 2008.[Ismaning] Hueber
428.24076 Nor

Plant names : a guide to botanical nomenclature.
Spencer, Roger.
3rd Ed. Collingwood, Vic. : CSIRO Pub. ; Wallingford, Oxfordshire, U.K. ; Cambridge, MA : CABI, 2007.
581.03 Pla

Medical statistics made easy 3.
Harris, Michael and Taylor, Gordon.
3rd Ed. Banbury : Scion, 2014.
610.727 Har

Personal training : theory and practice.
Crossley, James.
2nd Ed. London : Hodder Education, 2012.
613.7044 Cro

Basic resuscitation for health professionals 2013.
New Zealand Resuscitation Council.
[Wellington, N.Z.] : New Zealand Resuscitation Council, 2013.
616.025 New

Birth as a healing experience : the emotional journey of pregnancy through postpartum.
Freedman, Lois Halzel.
New York : Haworth Press, 1999.
618.24 Fre

Distressed or deliberately defiant? : managing challenging student behaviour due to trauma and disorganised attachment.
Howard, Judith A.
Toowong, Queensland : Australian Academic Press, 2013.
618.928588 How

Hot beds : how to grow early crops using age-old techniques.
First, Jack.
Totnes : Green, 2013.
635.0941 Fir

Backyard bounty : creating a local food system.
Luke, Janet.
[Hastings, N.Z. : J. Luke], 2012.
635.0993 Luk

The end of the performance review : a new approach to appraising employee performance.
Baker, Tim.
Basingstoke : Palgrave macmillan, 2013.
658.3125 Bak

Selecting timber : a guide to choosing timber for use in building.
Black, Russell.
3rd Ed. Porirua City, N.Z. : BRANZ, 2007.
691.10993 Bla

Standing in the shadows of Motown : the life and music of legendary bassist James Jamerson.
Wynnewood, Pa. : Dr. Licks Pub. ; Milwaukee, WI : Distributed by Hal Leonard Pub. Corp., 1989.
781.644 Sta

The ultimate guitar sourcebook.
Bacon, Tony.
New York, USA Race Point Publishing 2012.
787.87 Bac

The guitar handbook.
Denyer, Ralph.
Rev Ed. New York : A.A. Knopf, 2014.
787.87 Den

An easyguide to research presentations.
Wilson, Janie H.
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE Publications, Inc., 2015.
808.51 Wil

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"The very existence of libraries affords the best evidence that we may yet have hope for the future of man."
~ T.S. Eliot.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Twist list for 18 August 2014


Groups in action evolution and challenges. (Book).
Corey, Gerald.
2nd Ed. Belmont, Calif. : Brooks/Cole, 2014.
361.06 Cor

Groups in action evolution and challenges. (DVD).
Corey, Gerald.
2nd Ed. Belmont, Calif. : Brooks/Cole, 2014.
361.06 Cor
Everyday cheesemaking : how to succeed making dairy and nut cheese at home.
Blume, K. Ruby.
Portland, OR : Microcosm Publishing, [2014].
637.3 Blu

A complete guide to quality in small-scale wine making.
Considine, J. A. and Frankish, Elizabeth.
Kidlington, Oxford ; Waltham, Mass. : Academic Press Inc, 2014.
663.2 Con

Wine science : principles and applications.
Jackson, Ron S.
4th Ed. London : Academic Press, 2014.
663.2 Jac

Modern welding : complete coverage of the welding field in one easy-to-use volume!
Althouse, Andrew D.
11th Ed. Tinley Park, IL : Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc., 2011.
671.52 Mod

The supermodel and the Brillo box : back stories and peculiar economics from the world of contemporary art.
Thompson, Donald N.
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
700.0688 Tho

Picasso and Braque : the Cubist experiment, 1910-1912.
Kahng, Eik and Kimbell Art Museum.
Santa Barbara, Calif. : Santa Barbara Museum of Art ; Fort Worth, Tex. : Kimbell Art Museum ; New Haven, Conn. : Distributed by Yale University Press, 2011.
709.2 Pic

Ai Weiwei, spatial matters : art, architecture, activism.
Ai, Weiwei and Pins, Anthony.
London : Tate Publishing, 2014
709.2 Wei

Make your own luck : a DIY attitude to graphic design & illustration.
Moross, Kate.
Munich : Prestel, 2014.
741.6023 Mor

The Jimi Hendrix experience.
Hopkins, Jerry.
New York : Arcade Publishing, 2014.
781.66092 Hen

Strategic recreation management.
Shivers, Jay Sanford and Halper, Joseph W.
New York : Routledge, 2012.
790.069 Shi

Sport management : principles and applications.
Hoye, Russell.
3rd Ed. London ; New York : Routledge, 2012.
796.069 Spo

Torkildsen's sport and leisure management.
Taylor, Peter and Torkildsen, George.
6th Ed. London ; New York : Routledge, 2011.
790.069 Tor

Strategic sport development.
Robson, Stephen and Simpson, Kirstie and Tucker, Lee.
London : Routledge, 2013.
796.069 Str
Strategic sports event management.
Masterman, Guy.
New York : Routledge, 2014.
796.068 Mas

Floodlights and touchlines : a history of spectator sport.
Steen, Rob.
London Bloomsbury, 2014.
796.09 Ste

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"Everything is easier said than done. Wanting something is easy. Saying something is easy. The challenge and the reward are in the doing."
~ Steve Maraboli.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Twist list for 9 August 2014


Consumer behaviour : implications for marketing strategy.
Quester, Pascale G. (Pascale Genevieve),
7th Ed. North Ryde, N.S.W. : McGraw-Hill Education, 2013.
658.8342 Que


A history of psychology : a global perspective.
Shiraev, Eric.
2nd Ed. Los Angeles : Sage, [2015].
150.9 Shi

Outdoor adventure education : foundations, theory, and research.
Ewert, Alan W.
Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, [2014].
371.384 Ewe

The Australian Women's Weekly fashion : the first 50 years.
Thomas, Deborah.
Canberra, ACT : National Library of Australia, 2014.
391.00994 Tho

Family practice guidelines.
Cash, Jill C. and glass, Cheryl A.
3rd Ed. New York, NY. : Springer Publishing, 2014.
610.73 Fam

Statistics for advanced practice nurses and health professionals.
Stommel, Manfred and Dontje, KAtherine J.
New York, NY : Springer Publishing Company, [2014].
610.730727 Sto

Physiological aspects of sport training and performance.
Hoffman, Jay.
2nd Ed. Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, 2014.
612.044 Hof

Running mechanics and gait analysis.
Ferber, Reed.
Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, [2014].
612.76 Fer

Applied biological psychology.
Getz, Glen.
New York : Springer Publishing Company, [2014].
612.81 Get
Developing the core.
Willardson, Jeffrey M.
Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, [2014].
613.71 Dev

Pharmacotherapy principles & practice.
Chisholm-Burns, Marie A.
3rd Ed. New York : McGraw-Hill Medical, 2013.
615.58 Pha

Principles of food toxicology.
Pussa, Tonu.
2nd Ed. Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, [2014].
615.954 Pus

Introduction to food toxicology.
Shibamoto, Takayuki.
2nd Ed. Amsterdam ; Boston : Academic Press/Elsevier, 2009.
615.954 Shi

Basic pathology : an introduction to the mechanisms of disease.
Lakhani, Sunil R.
4th Ed. London : Hodder Arnold, 2008.
616.07 Lak

Protozoa and human disease.
Wiser, Mark F.
New York : Garland Science, 2011.
616.071 Wis

The cardiac care unit survival guide.
Herzog, Eyal.
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2012.
616.12 Car

Birth emergency skills training : manual for out-of-hospital midwives.
Gruenberg, Bonnie Urquhart.
Duncannon, PA : Birth Muse Press, 2008.
618.20233 Gru

Interactions in soil : promoting plant growth.
Dighton, John and Krumins, Jennifer Adams.
Dordrecht : Springer, 2014.
631.46 Int

Growing organic trees : growing trees for wood and fruit, without chemicals.
Gaia, Ben.
Hokitika, N.Z. : Ben Gaia, 2014.
634.90993 Gai

Wines of the southern hemisphere : the complete guide.
DeSimone, Mike.
New York : Sterling Epicure, 2012.
641.2209 Des

Land and wine : the French terroir.
Frankel, Charles.
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2014.
641.220944 Fra

Feast : our food out east.
Kirkpatrick, Dana.
[Gisborne, N.Z.] : ExpressPR, 2012.
641.5 Kir

Barbecue : where there's smoke there's flavour.
Treuille, Eric.
London : Dorling Kindersley, 2014.
641.76 Tre

Pattern cutting for menswear.
Kershaw, Gareth.
London : Batsford, 2013.
646.4072 Ker

99 bottles of wine : the making of the contemporary wine label.
Schuemann, David.
Napa, California : Val De Grace Books & Film, 2013
741.6 Sch

How to draw and paint anatomy : creating life-like humans and realistic animals.
East Petersburg, Pa. : Fox Chapel Publishing, 2012.
743.49 How

The print revolution : groundbreaking textile design in the digital age.
Doe, Tamasin.
London : Goodman, 2013.
746.62 Doe

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are".
~ Max DePree.

Twist list for 14 August 2014


CMPTR. 2 : Student Edition.
Romer, Robin M.
2nd Ed. Australia : South-Western, 2013.
005.5 Pin

Technology of the Maori : a study of food from moa hunter to early European settlement.
Ross, Jane.
New Plymouth, N.Z. : Curriculum Concepts, 2005.
372.373 Ros


Virtual unreality : just because the Internet told you, how do you know it's true?
Seife, Charles.
Penguin Group USA 2014.
025.04 Sei
No, no, no, no, no, yes : insights from a creative journey.
Amichay, Gideon.
[Place of publication not identified] : Gideon Amichay, 2013.
158.7 Ami

Research methodology : a step-by-step guide for beginners.
Kumar, Ranjit,
4th Ed. Los Angeles : SAGE, 2014.
300.72 Kum
Leadership in organizations.
Yukl, Gary A.
8th Ed. Harlow : Pearson Education, 2013.
303.34 Yuk

Theories guiding nursing research and practice : making nursing knowledge development explicit.
Fitzpatrick, Joyce J and mcCarthy, Gerladine.
New York, NY : Springer Publishing Company, LLC, [2014].
610.73072 The

Palliative care nursing : quality care to the end of life.
Matzo, Marianne and Sherman, Deborah Witt.
4th Ed. New York : Springer Publishing Company, [2015].
616.029 Pal

Intellectual disability and dementia : research into practice.
Watchman, Karen and Kerr, Diana.
London : Jessica Kingsley Pub ; 2014.
616.8588 Int

The art of somatic coaching : embodying skillful action, wisdom, and compassion.
Strozzi-Heckler, Richard.
Berkeley, California : North Atlantic Books, [2014].
616.89142 Str

Wine grapes : a complete guide to 1,368 vine varieties, including their origins and flavours.
Robinson, Jancis and Harding, Julia and Vouillamoz, Jose.
London ; New York : Allen Lane, 2012.
634.83 Win

Long-term care administration and management : effective practices and quality programs in eldercare.
Yee-Melichar, Darlene and Flores, Cristina M. and Cabiago, Edwin P.
New York, NY : Springer Publishing Company, LLC, [2014].
618.970231 Lon

Mastering artisan cheesemaking : the ultimate guide for home-scale and market producer.
Caldwell, Gianaclis.
White River Junction, Vermont : Chelsea Green Publishing, 2012.
637.3 Cal

Down to earth : a seasonal tour of sustainable winegrowing in California.
Fletcher, Janet K.
[San Francisco, Calif.] : Wine Institute, [2014]
641.22009794 Fle

The gentle art of preserving : inspirational recipes from around the world.
Caldesi, Katie,
London : Kyle, 2013.
641.4 Cal

Peace, love, and barbecue : recipes, secrets, tall tales, and outright lies from the legends of barbecue.
Mills, Mike and Tunnicliffe, Amy.
[Emmaus, Pa.] : Rodale, 2005.
641.5784 Mil

Pressure cooking : the new way to cook fast.
Clark, Pamela and Australian Women's Weekly.
Sydney : ACP Books, 2011.
641.587 Pre

Cairo kitchen.
Zeidy, Suzanne.
Melbourne : Hardie Grant, 2014.
641.5953 Zei

Fundamentals of management : essential concepts and applications.
Robbins, Stephen P.
9th Ed. Harlow ; Singapore : Pearson Education, 2015.
658 Rob

Essentials of management information systems.
Laudon, Kenneth C.,
11th Ed. Boston : Pearson, 2015.
658.4038 Lau

Advances in project management : narrated journeys in unchartered territory.
Dalcher, Darren.
Farnham, Surrey, UK : Gower, 2014.
658.404 Adv

Project management leadership : building creative teams.
Burke, Rory.
2nd Ed. Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley, 2014.
658.404 Bur

Exploring public relations.
Tench, Ralph.
3rd Ed. Harlow, United Kingdom Pearson, 2014.
659.2 Ten

Our world tour : a photographic journey around the world.
Dirks, Mario.
Santa Barbara, CA : Rocky Nook, 2014.
770.9 Dir

Dig! (DVD).
Timoner, Ondi and Palm Pictures.
Australia : Palm Pictures, 2004.
781.66 Dig

Lemmy. (DVD).
Olliver, Greg and Orshoski, WEs and Kilmister, Lemmy (Ian Fraser).
[S.l.] : Hopscotch Entertainment, [2011].
781.66 Lem

This is Spinal Tap. (DVD).
Spinal Tap (Musical group)
Moore Park, N.S.W : Distributed by Universal Stuios, 2010.
781.66092 Thi

Screenwriting behind enemy lines : lessons from inside the studio gates.
Schimmel, John.
Studio City, CA : Michael Wiese Productions, [2014].
808.23 Sch

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"We all have a great need for acceptance, but you must trust your beliefs are unique, your own." ~ Robin Williams. (Dead Poets Society).


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Twist list for 12 August 2014


Starship : inside our national children's hospital.
Teague, Lochie.
Auckland, New Zealand : Random House New Zealand, 2014.
362.19892 Sta

Social work and mental health.
Golightley, Malcolm.
5th Ed. Los Angeles : SAGE/LearningMatters, 2014.
362.20425 Gol

Multiculturalism and diversity in clinical supervision : a competency-based approach.
Falender, Carol A. and Shafranske, Edward P. and Falicov, Celia Jaes.
Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, [2014].
362.20425 Mul

Whole person care model : integration and implementation for improving patient care.
Thornton, Lucia.
Indianapolis, IN : Sigma Theta Tau International, 2013.
610.73 Tho

Clinical teaching strategies in nursing.
Gaberson, Kathleen B.,
4th Ed. New York, NY : Springer Publishing Company, LLC, [2015].
610.73071 Gab

Nursing research : principles, process and issues.
Parahoo, Kader.
3rd Ed. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
610.73072 Par

Science of sport, exercise & physical activity in the Tropics.
Edwards, Andrew and Leicht, Anthony.
New York, N.Y. : Nova Science Publisher's, [2014].
612.044 Sci

History of exercise physiology.
Tipton, Charles M.
Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, [2014].
612.044 Tip

The sports gene : talent, practice and the truth about success.
Epstein, David J.
London Yellow Jersey Press, 2014.
613.71 Eps

Exploring sport and fitness : work-based practice.
Heaney, Caroline and Oakley, Ben
London ; New York : Routledge ; Milton Keynes [England] : In association with The Open University, 2009.
613.71 Exp

Statistics for sport and exercise studies : an introduction.
O'Donoghue, Peter.
London ; New York : Routledge, 2012.
613.71 Sta

Special strength training : manual for coaches.
Verkhoshansky, Yuri Vitalievitch.
Rome, Italy : Verkhoshansky SSTM ; 2011.
613.711 Ver

Austin, Dan and Mann, Bryan.
Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, 2012.
613.713 Aus

Physical activity and health : the evidence explained.
Hardman, Adrianne E.
2nd Ed. London ; New York : Routledge, 2009.
615.82 Har

Myofascial release.
Duncan, Ruth A.
Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, [2014].
615.822 Dun

Foundations of therapeutic recreation.
Robertson, Terry and Long, Terry.
Champaign, IL. : Human Kinetics, 2008.
615.85153 Fou

Hepatitis C treatment one step at a time : inspiration and practical tips for successful treatment.
Porter, Lucinda K.
New York, N.Y. : Demos Health, 2013.
616.3623 Por

Fast facts about pressure ulcer care for nurses : how to prevent, detect, and resolve them in a nutshell.
Dziedzic, Mary Ellen.
New York, NY : Springer Publishing Company, 2014.
616.545 Dzi

Global wine regulation.
Harvey, Matt and Waye, Vicki.
Pyrmont, NSW Lawbook Co., 2014.
641.22029 Glo

Provence food and wine : the art of living.
Millo, Francois and Todorovska, Viktrija.
Chicago : Surrey Books, [2014]
641.5944 Mil

Wine flavour chemistry.
Bakker, Jokie and Clarke, R.J.
2nd Ed. Ames, Iowa : Wiley Blackwell, 2012.
663.2 Bak

The science of running : how to find your limit and train to maximize your performance.
Magness, Steve.
[United States?] : Origin Press, 2014.
796.42 Mag

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." (Harvard Business School definition of leadership).
~ Sheryl Sandberg.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Twist list for 7 August 2014


Nursing 2015 drug handbook.
Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2014.
615.1 Nur


New Zealand tax legislation for students : Income Tax Act 2007 and other legislation.
CCH New Zealand Limited.
Auckland [N.Z.] : CCH New Zealand, 2014.
336.2 New Vol. 1
336.2 New Vol 2.


Whispers of Waitaha : traditions of a nation.
Ruka Te Korako, Makere.
[Darfield, N.Z.] : Wharariki Pub., [2006].
398.20993 Ruk

Five Maori painters.
McIntosh, Clare and Auckland Art Gallery.
Auckland, New Zealand : Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, [2014].
759.93 Fiv

Exploring lifespan development.
Berk, Laura E.
3rd Ed. Boston : Pearson, [2014].
155 Ber

Advanced research methods : a practical guide for social research projects.
Dawson, Catherine.
Oxford : How To Books, 2013.
300.72 Daw

Research is ceremony : indigenous research methods.
Wilson, Shawn.
Black Point, N.S. : Fernwood Pub., 2008.
305.80072 Wil

Making sense of sports.
Cashmore, Ernest.
5th Ed. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2010.
306.483 Cas

Sustainable event management : a practical guide.
Jones, Meegan.
2nd Ed. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2014.
338.479103 Jon

Using counselling skills in social work.
Riggall, Sally.
Los Angeles : Learning Matters, 2012.
361.06 Rig

Understanding and using theory in social work.
Oko, Juliette.
2nd Ed. Exeter, [England] : Learning Matters Ltd, 2011
361.301 Oko

Doing qualitative research in social work.
Shaw, Ian.
London : SAGE Publications, 2014.
361.3072 Sha

Equality and diversity in social work practice.
Gaine, Chris.
Exeter : Learning Matters, 2010.
361.32 Equ

Social work intervention.
Lindsay, Trevor.
London : SAGE/Learning Matters, 2013.
361.32 Soc

Stories of success : mental health service users• experiences of social inclusion in Aotearoa New Zealand : Na pukorero rangatira : Na  tangata waiora i whaiora i enei tuahuatana.
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Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"The bad news is time flies. The good new is you're the pilot."
~ Michael Altshuler.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Twist List for 1 August 2014


So good.. : the magazine of hâute pâtisserie.
Barcelona : Grupo Vilbo, [2009]-.
641.865 So

Hospitality business : the shout.
International Group Ltd.
Auckland, New Zealand : International Group, [2014]-.
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Viewfinder : NZ's indie magazine for filmmakers & video creators - and their fans.
Auckland : Ferb Media, [2013]-
791 Vie

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt.