Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Twist List for 25 March 2014


New Zealand master tax guide for students, 2014.
CCH New Zealand Limited.
Auckland, [N.Z.] : CCH New Zealand, c2014.
336.2 New


Psychology for nurses and the caring professions.
Walker, Jan.
Maidenhead : McGraw-Hill/Open University Press, 2012.
150.2461 Psy

The rise of consciousness and the development of emotional life.
Lewis, Michael.
New York : The Guildford Press, [2014].
152.4 Lew

Social development : relationships in infancy, childhood, and adolescence.
Underwood, Marion K. and Rosen, Lisa H.
New York : The Guildford press, 2013.
155.4192 Soc

Literature reviews in social work.
Kiteley, Robin and Stogdon, Chris.
Los Angeles, California SAGE, 2014.
300.72 Kit

Intimacy and friendship on Facebook.
Lambert, Alex.
Houndmills, Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillam, 2013.
302.30285 Lam

Identity problems in the Facebook era.
Trottier, Daniel.
New York : Routledge, 2014.
302.30285 Tro

Groups : fostering a culture of change.
Marmarosh, Cheri L.
Los Angeles : Sage, 2014.
361.06 Gro

Effective planning for groups.
DeLucia-Waack, Janice L.
Los Angeles : SAGE, [2013].
361.06 Gro

Group work in schools.
Dagley, John C. (John Carl)
Los Angeles : Sage, 2014.
361.06 Gro

How to form a group.
Rapin, Lynn S.
Los Angeles : SAGE, [2014].
361.06 Gro

What is group work?
Conyne, Robert K.
Los Angeles : Sage, 2014.
361.06 Gro

Practical counselling and helping skills : text and activities for the lifeskills counselling model.
Nelson-Jones, Richard.
London, England ; Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE, 2014.
361.06 Nel

Clinical supervision made easy : a creative and relational approach for the helping professions.
Ooijen, Els van.
Ross-on-Wye : PCCS Books, 2013
362.204256 Ooi

The good nurse : a true story of medicine, madness and murder.
Graeber, Charles.
London : Atlantic Books, 2013.
364.15232092 Gra

Essential maths and stats : for higher education.
Barton, David.
Auckland, N.Z. : Pearson, 2013.
510.76 Bar

Qualitative methods for health research.
Green, Judith.
London : SAGE, 2014.
610.72 Gre

Placement learning in community nursing : a guide for students in practice.
Harris, Jane.
Edinburgh Bailliere-Tindale/Elsevier, 2013.
610.7343 Har

What are you doing here? : reflections on dementia.
Wainscott, Janet.
[Lincoln, New Zealand] : [Janet Wainscott],[2013].
616.83 Wai

Our encounters with self-harm.
Baker, Charley and Biley, Francis C. and Shaw, Clare.
Ross-on-Wye : PCCS, 2013.
616.8582 Our

Person-centred communication : theory, skills & practice.
Motschnig, Renate.
Maindenhead : Open University Press, 2014.
616.8914 Mot

Therapeutic communication : knowing what to say when.
Wachtel, Paul L.
New York : The Guildford Press, 2013.
616.8914 Wac

A clinician's guide to helping children cope and cooperate with medical care : an applied behavioral approach.
Slifer, Keith J.
Baltimore : The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014.
618.9289 Sli

Of love and milk a breastfeeding story. (DVD).
Suzanne Colson.
Hythe, [England] : Nurturing Project, 2010.
649.33 Of

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination.  They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.  Libraries change lives for the better."
~ Sidney Sheldon.

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