Monday, March 31, 2014

Twist List for 31 March 2014


Ka tu¯, ka oho : visions of a bicultural partnership in psychology : invited keynotes : revisiting the past to reset the future.
Nairn, R.G. and New Zealand Psychological Society.
[Wellington, N.Z.] : New Zealand Psychological Society, [2012]
150.993 Ka


Remember that November.
Beck, Jennifer.
Wellington, N.Z. : Huia Publishers, 2012


The last tuatara.
Hunt, Des.
Auckland : Scholastic, 2013.


Managing emergencies and traumatic incidents. The Resources.
New Zealand. Ministry of Education.
Wellington, N.Z. : Ministry of Education, Special Education, Professional Practice Unit, 2010.
371.710993 Man

Managing emergencies and traumatic incidents. The Guide.
New Zealand.  Ministry of Education.
Wellington, N.Z. : Ministry of Education, 2010.
371.710993 Man

Narrative assessment : a guide for teachers : a resource to support the New Zealand curriculum exemplars for learners with special education needs.
New Zealand. Ministry of Education.
Wellington, N.Z. : Published for the Ministry of Education by Learning Media Ltd., 2009.
371.90993 Nar

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) : a resource for educators = Tuawhiotanga whanonga a te hinengaro me nga¯ kaiako.
New Zealand. Ministry of Education.
[Wellington, N.Z.] : Ministry of Education, 2011.
371.940993 Aut

Community based early childhood education : governing and managing.
New Zealand.  Ministry of Education.
[Wellington, N.Z.] : Ministry of Education, [2010]
372.21068 Com

Community based early childhood education.
New Zealand.  Ministry of Education.
[Wellington, N.Z.] : Ministry of Education, [2010]
372.210993 Com

Trade Me : the inside story.
O'Donnell, Michael and Morgan, Sam.
Wellington, N.Z. : Phantom House, 2010.
381.177 Odo

Introduction to language development.
Kennison, Shelia M.
Los Angeles : SAGE, [2014].
401.93 Ken

The English language learning progressions : introduction.
New Zealand. Ministry of Education.
Wellington (N.Z.) : Learning Media for the Ministry of Education, 2008.
428.0071 Eng

Geology of the Hawke's Bay area.
Lee, J.M. and Browne, G.H. and Begg, J.G. and GNS Science (N.Z.).
Lower Hutt, N.Z. : GNS Science, 2011.
559.346 Geo

Elements of ecology.
Smith, Thomas Michael.
Harlow : Pearson Education Limited, 2014.
577 Smi

The cultivation of New Zealand trees and shrubs.
Metcalf, L. J. (Lawrence James).
Auckland, N.Z. : Raupo, 2011.
582.160993 Met

Starting strength : basic barbell training.
Rippetoe, Mark and Bradford, Stef.
Wichita Falls, Tex. : Aasgaard Company, 2011.
613.7043 Rip

Nurse perceptions of the challenges of providing self-management education in primary health care to people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes.
Topp, Maia.
616.462 Top

Retelling the stories of our lives : everyday narrative therapy to draw inspiration and transform experience.
Denborough, David.
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2014].
616.89165 Den

Always the fat kid : the truth about the enduring effects of childhood obesity.
Warren, Jacob C. and Smalley, K. Bryant.
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
618.92398 War

An illustrated guide to weed seeds of New Zealand.
James, Trevor and New Zealand Plant protection Society.
Christchurch, N.Z. : New Zealand Plant Protection Society, 2012.
632.50993 Ill

Weber's charcoal grilling : the art of cooking with live fire.
Purviance, Jamie.
[Menlo Park, CA] : Sunset ; Palatine, Ill. : Weber, 2007.
641.5784 Pur

Yeah, I made it myself : DIY fashion for the not very domestic goddess.
Farry, Eithne.
London : Phoenix, 2014.
646.404 Far

Guide to emerging markets : the business outlook, opportunities and obstacles.
Manktelow, Aidan.
London : The Economist, [2014].
658.049 Gui

Maximizing project value : a project manager's guide.
Goodpasture, John C.
Tysons Corner, Virginia : Management Concepts Press, [2013].
658.404 Goo

Marketing for growth : the role of marketers in driving revenues and profits.
Ellwood, Iain.
London : Profile Books Ltd., 2014.
658.8 Ell

Marianne Muggeridge.
Muggeridge, Marianne.
Hawera : Cosmoneglecta, in collaboration with Stuart Shepherd & Philippa McDermott, 2013.
759.092 Mug

Lateral inversions : the prints of Barry Cleavin.
Johnston, Melinda.
Christchurch, New Zealand : Canterbury University Press, 2013.
769.92 Cle

The John Entwistle Bass book.
Entwistle, John.
Barnstaple, U.K. : Bassline Publishing, 2009.
787.87092 Ent

Invictus. (DVD).
Eastwood, Clint.
Neutral Bay, N.S.W. : Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, 2010.
791.4372 Inv

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries."
~ Anne Herbert.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Twist List for 25 March 2014


New Zealand master tax guide for students, 2014.
CCH New Zealand Limited.
Auckland, [N.Z.] : CCH New Zealand, c2014.
336.2 New


Psychology for nurses and the caring professions.
Walker, Jan.
Maidenhead : McGraw-Hill/Open University Press, 2012.
150.2461 Psy

The rise of consciousness and the development of emotional life.
Lewis, Michael.
New York : The Guildford Press, [2014].
152.4 Lew

Social development : relationships in infancy, childhood, and adolescence.
Underwood, Marion K. and Rosen, Lisa H.
New York : The Guildford press, 2013.
155.4192 Soc

Literature reviews in social work.
Kiteley, Robin and Stogdon, Chris.
Los Angeles, California SAGE, 2014.
300.72 Kit

Intimacy and friendship on Facebook.
Lambert, Alex.
Houndmills, Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillam, 2013.
302.30285 Lam

Identity problems in the Facebook era.
Trottier, Daniel.
New York : Routledge, 2014.
302.30285 Tro

Groups : fostering a culture of change.
Marmarosh, Cheri L.
Los Angeles : Sage, 2014.
361.06 Gro

Effective planning for groups.
DeLucia-Waack, Janice L.
Los Angeles : SAGE, [2013].
361.06 Gro

Group work in schools.
Dagley, John C. (John Carl)
Los Angeles : Sage, 2014.
361.06 Gro

How to form a group.
Rapin, Lynn S.
Los Angeles : SAGE, [2014].
361.06 Gro

What is group work?
Conyne, Robert K.
Los Angeles : Sage, 2014.
361.06 Gro

Practical counselling and helping skills : text and activities for the lifeskills counselling model.
Nelson-Jones, Richard.
London, England ; Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE, 2014.
361.06 Nel

Clinical supervision made easy : a creative and relational approach for the helping professions.
Ooijen, Els van.
Ross-on-Wye : PCCS Books, 2013
362.204256 Ooi

The good nurse : a true story of medicine, madness and murder.
Graeber, Charles.
London : Atlantic Books, 2013.
364.15232092 Gra

Essential maths and stats : for higher education.
Barton, David.
Auckland, N.Z. : Pearson, 2013.
510.76 Bar

Qualitative methods for health research.
Green, Judith.
London : SAGE, 2014.
610.72 Gre

Placement learning in community nursing : a guide for students in practice.
Harris, Jane.
Edinburgh Bailliere-Tindale/Elsevier, 2013.
610.7343 Har

What are you doing here? : reflections on dementia.
Wainscott, Janet.
[Lincoln, New Zealand] : [Janet Wainscott],[2013].
616.83 Wai

Our encounters with self-harm.
Baker, Charley and Biley, Francis C. and Shaw, Clare.
Ross-on-Wye : PCCS, 2013.
616.8582 Our

Person-centred communication : theory, skills & practice.
Motschnig, Renate.
Maindenhead : Open University Press, 2014.
616.8914 Mot

Therapeutic communication : knowing what to say when.
Wachtel, Paul L.
New York : The Guildford Press, 2013.
616.8914 Wac

A clinician's guide to helping children cope and cooperate with medical care : an applied behavioral approach.
Slifer, Keith J.
Baltimore : The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014.
618.9289 Sli

Of love and milk a breastfeeding story. (DVD).
Suzanne Colson.
Hythe, [England] : Nurturing Project, 2010.
649.33 Of

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination.  They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.  Libraries change lives for the better."
~ Sidney Sheldon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Twist List for 19 March 2014


How adults with type 2 diabetes and a chronic lower extremity wound understand the link between their wound and their diabetes management.
Beams, Lucy Jane
616.462 Bea

Management of patients on chemotherapeutic treatment for advanced cancer with acute conditions in the Emergency Department.
Gray, Lynne Marie.
616.994 Gra


A Killer legacy. (DVD).
Vaka Productions Ltd. 
Auckland : Te Hotu Manawa Maori ; 2010.
616.865 Kil


Groups in community and agency settings.
Merchant, Niloufer M. and Yozamp, Carole, J.
Los Angeles : Sage, 2014.
361.06 Mer

Mindful learning : reduce stress and improve brain performance for effective learning.
Hassed, Craig and Chambers, Richard.
Wollombi, N.S.W. : Exisle, 2014.
370.152 Has

Nga¯ Hurihanga Ako Kohungahunga = Transformative teaching practices in early childhood education.
Grey, Anne and Clark, Beverley.
Auckland : Pearson, 2013.
372.210993 Nga

Teaching mathematics in primary schools.
Jorgensen, Robyn.
Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Allen & Unwin, 2011.
372.7044 Jor

Fashion : the ultimate book of costume and style.
Dorling Kindersley Limited. 
London : Dorling Kindersley, 2012.
391.009 Fas

Blackman, Allan Gainor and Brady, James E. 
Milton, Qld. : John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd., 2012.
540 Che

Nursing theorists and their work.
Alligood, Martha Raile.
St Louis, Missouri : Mosby, 2013. 
610.7301 Nur

Nursing research : an introduction
Moule, Pam and Goodman, Margaret.
Los ANgeles, California : SAGE, 2013. 
610.73072 Mou

End of life care : a guide for therapists, artists and arts therapists.
Hartley, Nigel.
London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2014. 
615.85156 Har

Pathways through care at the end of life : a guide to person-centred care.
Hayes, Anita Christianne.
London : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2014. 
616.029 Hay

Chronic disease management.
Salzman, Brooke and Collins, Lauren and Haijar, Emily R. 
Philadelphia, Pa. : Saunders, 2012.
616.044 Chr

Treating complex traumatic stress disorders. scientific foundations and therapeutic models.
Courtois, Christine, A. and Ford, Julian D.
New York : The Guilford Press, 2014.
616.8521 Tre

Treating substance abuse : theory and technique.
Walters, Scott T. and Rotgers, Frederick.
New York : The Guildford Press, 2014. 
616.8606 Tre

Theories for mental health nursing : a guide for practice.
Stickley, Theo and Wright, Nicola.
Los Angeles, California : SAGE, 2013. 
616.890231 The

Living with brain injury : narrative, community, and women's renegotiation of identity.
Stewart, J. Eric.
New York New York University Press 2013
617.481 Ste

Child health psychology : a biopsychosocial perspective.
Turner-Cobb, Julie M.
London [etc.] : SAGE, 2014.
618.9200019 Tur

Caring for older people in nursing.
Barker, Sue.
Los Angeles,,California : Learning Matters, 2013. 
618.970231 Car

View from the vineyard : a practical guide to sustainable winegrape growing.
Ohmart, C. P. (Clifford P.)
San Francisco, Calif. : Wine Appreciation Guild ; Uckfield : Vine House [distributor], 2012.
634.88 Ohm

Yates garden problem solver : a visual guide to easy diagnosis and practical remedies.
Orica (Firm). Yates. 
Auckland, N.Z. : Harper Collins, 2012.
635.0499 Yat

Accounting : an introduction.
Atrill, Peter.
Auckland, N.Z. : Pearson, 2013.
657 Acc

Customer service : new rules for a social media world.
Shankman, Peter.
Indianapolis, Ind. : Que, 2011.
658.812 Sha

101 mixed media techniques.
Anderson, Isaac. 
Irvine, CA : Walter Foster Pub., 2014.
702.81 One

Landscape paintings of New Zealand : a journey from north to south.
Johnstone, Christopher.
Auckland, New Zealand : Godwit, 2013. 
758.193 Joh

Library Quote of the Day:
“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”
~ Albert Einstein.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Twist List for 14 March 2014


New Zealand nursing students’ experiences of ethical issues in clinical practice: a descriptive study.
Sinclair, Jill Marlene.
174.2 Sin

Who are abusing our children? : an exploratory study on reflections on child abuse by media commentators : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Social Work at Massey University, Albany, New Zealand.
Merchant, Raema Leslie.
362.760993 Mer

Experiential learning : a handbook for education, training and coaching.
Beard, Colin (Colin M.)
London : Kogan Page Limited, 2013.
370.152 Bea

Stories of yesterday. Reflections on collegiality: capturing the essence of nurses working with nurses.
Stewart, Joce.
610.730699 Ste

What are the barriers and enablers to using the focus charting format in the hospital setting?
Richards, Timothy Dennis.
610.733 Ric

What are the information needs of patients receiving procedural sedation in the Emergency Department?: a descriptive exploratory study.
Revell, Suzanne Kay.
616.025 Rev

Discharge planning at a regional New Zealand hospital Emergency Department: screening elderly patients for early multidisciplinary team refferal using the elders risk assessment index.
Hegarty, Carolyn.
616.028 Heg

The impact on the family of living with a child with Type 1 diabetes.
Symons, Julie Marguerite.
616.462 Sym

Compassion fatigue and cancer nurses: a national survey of cancer nurses in New Zealand.
Gillespie, Moria Elizabeth.
616.075 Gil


Tu tangata Maori language tutorial. (DVD or booklets).
Foster, John and Whaanga, John.
Wellington [N.Z.] : Radio New Zealand, Replay Radio, 1986.
499.4 Fos


The Beatles.
Shipton, Paul.
Harlow, England : Pearson Education, 2008.


Is Google making us stupid?
Russell, Jesse.
[S.l.] : Book On Demand Ltd, 2012
004.678 Rus

Organizational ethics : a practical approach.
Johnson, Craig E. (Craig Edward).
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE Publications, 2012.
174.4 Joh

Widening the family circle : new research on family communication.
Floyd, Kory and Morman, Mark T.
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE Publications, [2014].
306.87 Wid

Social Work practice learning : a student guide.
Edmondson, David.
Los Angeles, California : SAGE, 2014.
361.32071 Edm

Social work practice with older people : a positive person-centred approach.
Lynch, Rory.
Los Angeles, California : SAGE, 2014.
362.6 Lyn

Insurance Handbook: a short guide to the general insurance industry in New Zealand.
Insurance Council of New Zealand.
Wellington, New Zealand Insurance Council of New Zealand 2013
368 Ins

Business statistics : Australia and New Zealand.
Selvanathan, E. Antony.
South Melbourne, Vic. : Cengage Learning, 2013.
519.5 Sel

In the garden : explore & discover the New Zealand backyard.
Candler, Gillian,
Nelson, New Zealand : Craig Potton Publishing, 2013.
578.7554 Can

Relationships between legislation, policy and continuing competence requirements for registered nurses in New Zealand.
Vernon, Rachael Anne.
610.73069 Ver

Defining leadership. (DVD).
LETN ( Firm).
Carrollton, TX : Critical Information Network, [2007]
658.4092 Def

The elements of music. (DVD or booklet).
Hueter, William.
Palatine, Ill. : Sharper Video Productions, c2001.
781.2 Ele

Singing solo. (DVD).
Appleseed Productions.
[New York] : Distributed by Insight Media, 1993.
783 Sin

Standby cue 101 an introduction to calling live performances. (DVD).
McGraw, David.
New York : Insight Media, 2011.
792.023 Sta

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
~ Confucius.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Twist List for 10 March 2014


Fierce September.
Beale, Fleur.
Auckland, N.Z. : Random House, 2010.

Dirt bomb.
Beale, Fleur.
Auckland, N.Z. : Random House, 2011.

The drover's quest.
Brocker, Susan.
Auckland, N.Z. : HarperCollins, 2012.

The last Herrick secret.
Broadbent, Adele.
Napier, N.Z. : AV Project, 2012.

Rebecca and the Queen of Nations : Rebecca Kelly's story, 1874.
Burnside, Deborah.
Auckland : Puffin, 2013.

Cowley, Joy.
Wellington, New Zealand : Gecko Press, 2013.

Cor blimey, mate : action stories for young hunters.
Day, Marion.
Waiuku, N.Z. : Mackay Books, 2010.

The A C B with Honora Lee.
De Goldi, Kate.
Auckland, N.Z. : Longacre, 2012.

Maddy West and the tongue taker.
Falkner, Brian.
Newtown, N.S.W. : Walker Books Australia, 2012.

Falkner, Brian.
Newtown, N.S.W. : Walker Books Australia, 2011.

The queen and the nobody boy : a tale of Fontania : Hodie's journey (in five parts all about bad choices).
Else, Barbara.
Wellington, N.Z. : Gecko Press, 2012.

Oh my dog!
Ford, Vince.
Auckland, N.Z. : Scholastic, 2013.

Tale of a blond puppy.
Ford, Vince.
Auckland, N.Z. : Scholastic, 2013.

Brave company.
Hill, David.
Auckland, New Zealand : Puffin Books, 2013.

My brother's war.
Hill, David.
Auckland, N.Z. : Puffin Books, 2012.

Steel pelicans.
Hunt, Des.
Auckland, N.Z. : HarperCollins, 2012.

Project Huia.
Hunt, Des.
Aucland : Scholastic, 2013.

Phantom of Terawhiti.
Hunt, Des.
HarperCollins, Auckland, N.Z. 2013

Finder's shore.
Mackenzie, Anna.
Auckland, N.Z. : Longacre, 2011.

Ebony Hill.
Mackenzie, Anna.
Auckland, N.Z : Longacre, 2010.

Hene and the burning harbour : Hene's story, 1845.
Morris, Paula.
Auckland : Puffin Books, 2013.

Felix and the red rats : a fantasy novel.
Norcliffe, James.
Auckland : Longacre, 2013.

A necklace of souls.
Stedman, R. L.
Auckland, N.Z. : Harper Voyager, 2013.

The brain sucker.
Wood, Glenn.
Newtown, N.S.W. : Walker Books Australia, 2012.




What do teachers do (after YOU leave school)?
Bowen, Anne
Minneapolis, MN : Carolrhoda Books, 2006.

The hero of the hill.
Cowley, Joy.
Auckland : Scholastic, 2013.

The gruffalo.
Donaldson, Julia.
London : Macmillan Children's Books, 2014.

The boy and the cherry tree.
Sommerset, Mark.
Waiheke Island, New Zealand : Dreamboat Books, 2013.


Integrative nursing.
Kreitzer, Mary Jo and Koithan, Mary.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2014]
610.73 Int

Dementia : from advanced disease to bereavement.
Pace, Victor and Treloar, Adrian and Scott, Sharon.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2011.
616.83 Dem

Managing trauma, loss and grief in the workplace.
Irving Hendry, Tricia.
Wellington, N.Z. : Skylight Publications/EAPworks, 2013.
616.8521 Irv

A manual of neonatal intensive care.
Rennie, Janet M.
London : Hodder Arnold, 2013.
618.9201 Ren

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Twist List for 5 March 2014


Case studies in finance : managing for corporate value creation.
Bruner, Robert F.
Dubuque  : McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.,[2014]
658.15 Bru


Ara mai he te¯te¯kura : visioning our futures : new & emerging pathways of Ma¯ori academic leadership.
Whitinui, Paul and Glover, Marewa and Hikuroa, Dan.
Dunedin, New Zealand : University of Otago Press, 2013.
378.107 Ara


Le Quesnoy : the story of the town New Zealand saved.
Harper, Glyn and Cooper, Jenny.
Auckland, N.Z. : Puffin, 2012.


The fly : and other horror stories.
Escott, John.
Oxford [England] : Oxford University Press, 2008.

The African Queen.
Forester, C. S. (Cecil Scott),
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Heat and dust.
West, Clare.
Oxford, [England] : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Desert, mountain, sea.
Leather, Sue.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Australia and New Zealand.
Lindop, Christine.
Oxford [England] : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Death of an Englishman.
Mowat, Diane.
Oxford [England] : Oxford University Press, 2008.

The Joy Luck Club.
Tan, Amy.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Vicary, Tim.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.

Vicary, Tim.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2013.

The Everest story.
Vicary, Tim.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2010.

A passage to India.
West, Clare.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2009.

Decline and fall.
West, Clare.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Cold Comfort Farm.
West, Clare.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.


Implementing the New Zealand Health Strategy 2013 : the Minister of Health•s report on progress on implementing the New Zealand Health Strategy, and on actions to improve quality.
New Zealand. Ministry of Health.
Wellington, N.Z. : Ministry of Health, 2012.
362.10993 Hea

Child well being in rich countries : a comparative overview.
UNICEF. Innocenti Research Centre.
Florence, Italy : UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti, 2013.
362.708694 Chi

Kiwi leadership for principals : principals as educational leaders.
New Zealand. Ministry of Education.
Wellington, N.Z. : Ministry of Education, 2008.
371.2011 Kiw

Playing outside : activities, ideas and inspiration for the early years.
Bilton, Helen.
New York : Routledge, [2014]
372.210941 Bil

Kick-starting the nature of science.
Bull, Ally and New Zealand Council for Educational Research.
Wellington, N.Z. : NZCER Press, c2010.
372.35044 Kic

Teaching student-centered mathematics. Grades 5-8.
Van de Walle, John A.
Boston : Pearson, [2014]
372.7044 Van

Pasture and forage plants for New Zealand.
Stewart, Alan.
Dunedin : New Zealand grassland Association, 2014.
633.2 Ste

Global wine markets, 1961 to 2009 a statistical compendium.
Anderson, Kym.
Adelaide, S.A. : University of Adelaide Press, 2011.
641.22029 And

How to write better resumes and cover letters.
Criscito, Patricia K.
[S.l.] : Barron'S, 2013.
650.142 Cri

Organizational project management maturity model (OPM3®) : knowledge foundation.
Project Management Institute.
Newtown Square, Pennsylvania : Project Management Institute, [2013]
658.404 Org

Small business marketing.
Chaston, Ian.
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
658.8 Cha

The changing face of the Asian consumer : insights and strategies for Asian markets.
Schmitt, Bernd.
New York : McGraw-Hill, 2014.
658.8342 Sch

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
"Amid the hectic pace of our lives, a library is like a comfy chair in front of a cozy fireplace on a wintry day, where people of every age and status can sit down and feel like they've come home... to a world without boundaries, to the world of books."
~ C.J. Carr.