Thursday, December 12, 2013

Twist List for 12 December 2013


Basic marketing research.
Malhotra, Naresh K.
4th ed., Harlow : Pearson Education Limited, 2014.
658.83 Mal

Principles of accounting.
Smart, Murray J.
5th ed., North Shore, N.Z. : Pearson, 2013.
657.044 Sma


Rawlinsons New Zealand construction handbook 2013/14.
Rawlinsons Limited.
28th ed., Auckland, N.Z. : Rawlinsons Publications, 2013.
692.5 Raw


Development through the lifespan.
Berk, Laura E.,
6th ed., Boston, MA : Pearson, 2014.
155 Ber

Cyberpsychology and new media : a thematic reader.
Kirwan, Grainne
London : New York : Psychology Press, 2014.
302.231 Cyb

Gender : the basics. 
Lips, Hilary M.
Abingdon, England : Routledge, 2013.
305.3 Lip

The New Zealand sectors report 2013: Information communications technology.
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.
Wellington, New Zealand : Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, 2013.
352.380993 New

Expanding notions of assessment for learning : inside science and technology primary 
Cowie, Bronwen.
Rotterdam ; Boston : SensePublishers, 2013.
372.35044 Cow

The early literacy guide : practical ideas for building literacy skills from 0-7 years.
Wyse, Dominic,
372.6 Wys Book 1

Unlocking formative assessment : practical strategies for enhancing students' learning in 
the primary and intermediate classroom.
Clarke, Shirley,
Auckland, N.Z. : Hodder Moa Beckett, 2003.
372.1270993 Cla

Technical math for dummies.
Schoenborn, Barry J.
Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2010.
510.246 Sch
616.8914 DSM

DSM-5 Clinical Cases
Barnhill, John W.
Washington, DC : American Psychiatric Publishing, A Division of American Psychiatric Association, 2014

Cognitive behavior therapy :basics and beyond.
Beck, Judith S.
2nd ed., New York : Guilford Press, 2011.
616.89142 Bec

Earth user's guide to permaculture.
Morrow, Rosemary.
2nd ed., Pymble, N.S.W. : Kangaroo Press, 2006.
631 Mor

Science and the garden : the scientific basis of horticultural practice.
Ingram, David S.
2nd ed., Oxford : Blackwell Pub., 2008.
635.015 Sci

Christie's world encyclopedia of champagne & sparkling wine.
Stevenson, Tom.
3rd revised ed., Bath, England : Absolute Press, 2013.
641.2224 Ste

Smart fitting
King, Kenneth D.
[Newton, CT. : Taunton Press, 2013.
646.408 Kin

Wiki management : a revolutionary new model for a rapidly changing and collaborative 
Collins, Rod.
New York : AMACOM American Management Association, 2014.
658 Col

Marketing across cultures.
Usunier, Jean-Claude.
6th ed. Harlow, England : New York : Pearson, 2013.
658.84 Usu

Ctrl alt delete : reboot your business. reboot your life. your future depends on it.
Joel, Mitch.
New York : Business Plus, 2013.
658.872 Joe

Plumbing encyclopaedia. 
Treloar, Roy.
4th ed., Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.
696.1 Tre

The plumber's troubleshooting guide.
Woodson, R. Dodge.
2nd ed., New York : McGraw-Hill, 2009.
696.1 Woo

Between tides : jewellery by Alan Preston.
Skinner, Damian.
Auckland, N.Z. : Godwit, 2008.
739.27092 Ski

The creative license : giving yourself permission to be the artist you truly are.
Gregory, Danny.
New York : Hyperion Books, 2006.
741.2 Gre

Reel music : exploring 100 years of film music.
Hickman, Roger.
New York : W.W. Norton, 2006.
781.542 Hic

Eddie Trunk's essential hard rock and heavy metal.
Trunk, Eddie
New York : Abrams Image, 2013.
781.66 Tru

What's that sound? : an introduction to rock and its history.
Covach, John Rudolph.
3rd ed., New York : Norton, 2012.
781.6609 Cov

Tune in. 
Lewisohn, Mark.
New York : Crown Archetype, 2013.
781.66092 Bea


30 New Zealand stories for children.
Auckland, N.Z. : Random House New Zealand, 2000.
J Thi



Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Twist List for 3 December 2013


Victoria Cross at Takrouna : the Haane Manahi story.
Moon, Paul.
Wellington, N.Z. : Huia, 2010.
940.5423 Moo



Kiwi moon.
Bishop, Gavin.
Auckland, N.Z. : Random House New Zealand, 2008.

Bishop, Gavin.
Auckland, N.Z. : Random House, 2011.

Manukura : the white kiwi.
Cowley, Joy.
Auckland, N.Z. : Random House, 2012.

Once upon a time.
Daly, Niki.
London : Frances Lincoln, 2004.

Footsteps through the fog.
Mahy, Margaret.
Auckland, N.Z. : Puffin Books, 2012.

The boy who was followed home.
Mahy, Margaret.
North Shore, N.Z. : Puffin, 2010.

Mister Whistler.
Mahy, Margaret.
Wellington, N.Z.: Gecko Press, 2012.

The moon and Farmer McPhee.
Mahy, Margaret.
Auckland, N.Z. : Random House New Zealand, 2010.

Hill & Hole.
Mewburn, Kyle.
Auckland, N.Z. : Picture Puffin, 2010.

I love lemonade.
Sommerset, Mark.
Waihake Island, N.Z. : Dreamboat Books , 2013

Two little bugs.
Sommerset, Mark.
Waiheke Island, N.Z. : Dreamboat Books, 2011.


Just one more.
Cowley, Joy.
Wellington, N.Z. : Gecko Press, 2011.


Say sorry : a harrowing childhood in Catholic orphanages.
Thompson, Ann
Auckland, N.Z. : Penguin Books, 2009.
362.76099382 Tho

The philosophy of education : an introduction.
Bailey, Richard.
London ; New York : Continuum, 2010.
370.1 Phi

Positive placements : making the most of your educational placement.
Midwinter, David.
London ; New York : Continuum, 2011.
370.71141 Mid

Creating a space to grow : developing your enabling environment outdoors.
Richardson, Gail Ryder.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2014
372.210941 Ric

Drama lessons for the primary school year : calendar-based learning activities.
Doona, John.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2013.
372.66 Doo

Set : research information for teachers : science.
New Zealand Council for Educational Research.
Wellington, [N.Z.] : New Zealand Council for Educational Research, 2009.
372.72 Set

Delta mathematics : NCEA level 3.
Barton, David.
Auckland, NEw Zealand : Pearson, 2013.
510.76 Bar

Theta mathematics : NCEA level 2.
Barton, David.
Auckland, N.Z. : Pearson, 2011.
510.76 Bar

Sigma statistics : NCEA level 3.
Barton, David
Auckland, N.Z. : Pearson, 2013.
519.5 Bar

Theta dimensions : NCEA level 2.
Barton, David.
Auckland, N.Z. : Pearson, 2012.
519.5 Bar

Growth and development across the lifespan : a health promotion focus.
Leifer, Gloria.
St. Louis, Mo. : Elsevier/Saunders, 2013.
613 Lei

Clinical helper for mental health nursing : the vital guide for students and new graduates.
Happell, Brenda Mary.
Crows Nest, NSW Allen & Unwin, 2014.
616.890231 Hap

The New Zealand chef.
Christensen-Yule, Lesley.
Auckland, N.Z. : Pearson, 2013.
641.5 Chr

Amplifiers : using the power of motivational leadership to inspire and influence others.
Church, Matt.
Richmond, Vic. : Wiley, 2013.
658.4092 Chu

Sales management : shaping future sales leaders.
Tanner, John F.
Harlow : Pearson, 2014.
658.81 Tan

Instagram power : build your brand and reach more customers with the power of pictures.
Miles, Jason.
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2013]
658.872 Mil

Why it does not have to be in focus : modern photography explained.
Higgins, Jackie,
London : Thames & Hudson, 2013.
770.905 Hig

Film editing : great cuts every filmmaker and movie lover must know.
Chandler, Gael.
Studio City, CA : Michael Wiese Productions, 2009.
778.535 Cha

Blue smoke : the lost dawn of New Zealand popular music, 1918-1964.
Bourke, Chris.
Auckland, N.Z. : Auckland University Press, 2010.
781.630993 Bou

Cabinet of curiosities : my notebooks, collections, and other obsessions.
Toro, Guillermo del.
New York, NY : HArper Design, 2013.
791.4372 Tor

Twist Library Quote of the Day:
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~ Tom Brokaw.