Thursday, September 20, 2012

Twist List for 20 September 2012


Well Child / Tamariki Ora Nursing: Maori health service provider registered nurses
Petkovich, Haley Katarina
362.7 Pet


What factors influence community nurses providing outreach services to successfully engage
underserved populations?
Cameron, Bobbie Christine
362.14 Cam

Changing the next generation: an evaluation of the pilot extended Well Child/Tamariki Ora
service for teenage parents in Hawke's Bay.
Thompson, Shona M and Manhire, Kathy and Abel, Sally.
Napier, N.Z.: EIT-Hawke's Bay, 2012
362.7 Tho

The preceptor experience:the preparedness and support of registered nurses preceptoring
international nurses for whom English is a second language.
Riden, Helen
610.73071 Rid

Evaluation of the outcomes for Hawke's Bay pre-school children assessed during the Before
School Check (B4SC) with behaviour issues, for The Hawke's Bay Children's Holdings Trust.
Thompson, Shona and Morris Matthews, Kay and Stockdale-Frost, Ariana and
Pentecost, Mandy and Wivell, Judy.
Napier, N.Z.: Eastern Institute of Technology, 2011.
613.0432 Eva

The use of opioid therapies for the treatment of chronic non-malignant pain within the
Primary Health sector: a health professional's perspective.
Kersjes, Mariet
615.3 Ker

What do endoscopy nurses believe is necessary for a Nurse Endoscopist role to develop in
New Zealand ?
Tucker, Dawn Andrea
616.075 Tuc
Early mobilisation after coronary angiography to reduce back pain.
Burn, Kelly Leigh
616.123 Bur

Improving patient outcomes after a suspected osteoporotic fracture: exploring New Zealand
orthopaedic nurses' knowledge of osteoporosis and their perception of their role in the
prevention of osteoporosis and in the diagnosis, treatment, and education of patients
presenting with a suspected osteoporotic fracture.
Fourie, Hannelie
616.716 Fou

Supported self management in chronic kidney disease.
Palmer, Janine Maree
617.461 Pal

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