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Twist List for 20/07/2012

The Oxford dictionary of sports science & medicine.
Kent, Michael.
3rd ed. Oxford;New York:Oxford University Press, 2006.    
 617.1027 Oxf

MIMS New Ethicals.
Auckland:MediMedia (NZ) Ltd,2007.
 615.11 Mim
 No. 17 (Jul-Dec. 2012)
Saunders nursing drug handbook 2013.
Hodgson,Barbara B and Kizior, Robert J.
W B Saunders 2013.
 615.1 Sau

Oxford dictionary of English grammar.
New York:Oxford University Press,1998.
 428 Cha

Tangata o le moana: New Zealand and the people of the Pacific.
Mallon, Sean and Mahia-Tuai, Kolokesa Uafa and Salesa, Damon Ieremia.
Wellington, N.Z.: Te Papa Press,2012.
 305.8995093 Tan

Bauer, Winifred and Parker, William and Evans Te Kareongawai.
499.442 Bau

A savage country:the untold story of New Zealand in the 1820s.
Moon, Paul.
Auckland, N.Z.:Penguin,2012.
 993.01 Moo

Pounamu pounamu.
Ihimaera, Witi
Auckland, N.Z.:Penguin,2012
 823 Ihi

MAIN COLLECTION and Temporarily shelved at DESK REFERENCE
Computer security fundamentals.
Easttom, Chuck.
2nd ed. Indianapolis, Ind.:Pearson,2012.
005.8 Eas

Human development.
Crandell, Thomas L and Crandell, Corinne Haines and Vander Zanden, James Wilfrid.
9th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education,2009.
155 Van

Understanding psychology.
Feldman, Robert Stephen.
10th ed. New York:McGraw-Hill,2011.
150 Fel

New Zealand taxation.
Alley, Clinton R.
Wellington [N.Z.]:Brookers,2012.
343.9304 New

Introduction to general, organic and biochemistry.
Farrell, Shawn O.
Pacific Grove, Calif.: Brooks/Cole ;Andover:Cengage Learning [distributor], 2012.
540 Bet

Voet, Donald.
4th ed. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
572 Voe

Biology of plants.
Raven, Peter H and Evert, Ray Franklin and Eichhorn, Susan E.
8th ed. New York: W.H. Freeman and Company Publishers, 2013. 
580 Rav

Anthony's textbook of anatomy & physiology.
Patton, Kevin T and Thibodeau, Gary A and Douglas, Matthew M.
20th ed. St. Louis, Mo: Mosby/Elsevier,  2013.
612 Pat

Exercise physiology for health, fitness, and performance.
Plowman, Sharon A and Smith, Denise L.
2nd ed. San Francisco :Benjamin Cummings,2003.
612.044 Plo

Automobile mechanical and electrical systems.
Denton, Tom.
Amsterdam ;Boston :Butterworth-Heinemann, 2011.
629.287 Den

Exploring wine: the Culinary Institute of America's complete guide to wines of the world.
Kolpan, Steven and Smith, Brian H and Weiss, Michael A.
3rd ed. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley, 2010.
641.2203 Kol

Auditing + assurance: a business risk approach.
Jubb, Christine.
3rd ed. South Melbourne, Vic.: Cengage Learning, 2012.
657.45 Ass

Foundations of business.
Pride, William M and Hughes, Robert James and Kapoor, Jack R.
3rd ed. Mason, OH: South-Western/Cengage Learning, 2013.
658 Pri

Brett Whiteley:art & life.
Pearce, Barry and Robertson, Bryan and Whiteley, Wendy and Whitely, Brett.
London :Thames & Hudson,2005
709.2 Whi

Library Quote of the day:
I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated
sufficiently to reason incorrectly.
Michel de Montaigne
French essayist (1533 - 1592)

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Twist List for 13/07/2012

MAIN COLLECTION and Temporarily shelved at DESK REFERENCE
Critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and clinical judgment :a practical approach
Alfaro-LeFevre, Rosalinda.
5th ed. St. Louis, MO :Elsevier Saunders,2013.
610.73 Alf

Transcultural nursing :assessment & intervention
Giger, Joyce Newman
6th ed. St. Louis, Mo. :Elsevier/Mosby,2013.
610.73 Tra

Communication in nursing.
Balzer-Riley, Julia W.
7th ed. St. Louis, Mo. :Elsevier/Mosby,2012.
610.730699 Bal

Anatomy & physiology
Patton, Kevin T and Thibodeau, Gary A
8th ed. St. Louis, MO :Elsevier/Mosby,2013.
612 Thi

Brief atlas of human anatomy, & Quick guide to the language of science and medicine
Patton, Kevin T and Thibodeau, Gary A
8th ed. St. Louis, MO :Elsevier/Mosby,2013.
612 Thi

Maternal, fetal, & neonatal physiology :a clinical perspective
Blackburn, Susan Tucker.
4th ed. Maryland Heights, MO :Elsevier Saunders,2013.
612.63 Mat

Gold medal nutrition
Cardwell, Glenn
5th ed. Champaign, IL :Human Kinetics,2012.
613.2024 Car

Childcare first aid manual.
Brown, Maxwell David and Brown, Bev F and Skills for Life Ltd
Rev. ed. Auckland, N.Z. :Skills for Life,2011.
616.0252 Bro

Understanding pathophysiology
Huether, Sue E and McCance, Kathryn L.
5th ed. St. Louis, Mo. :Elsevier/Mosby,2012.
616.07 Hue

Neuromuscular disorders in the adult :a practical manual
Hilton-Jones, David and Freebody, J.S and Stein, Jane S.
Oxford :Oxford University Press,2011.
616.744 Hil

Cognitive grief therapy :constructing a rational meaning to life following loss
Malkinson, Ruth
New York :Norton,2007.
616.8914 Mal

The reality slap :how to find fulfilment when life hurts
Harris, Russ
Wollombi, N.S.W. ;Auckland, N.Z. :Exisle Pub.,2011.
616.89142 Har

Beck's cognitive therapy :distinctive features
Wills, Frank.
London ;New York :Routledge,2009.
616.891425 Wil

Professional skills for driving trucks.
Tranzqual ITO (Organization : N.Z.)
Wellington, N.Z. :Tranzqual ITO 2009.
629.2844 Pro

Business in action
Bove´e, Courtland L and Thill, John V.
6th ed. Upper Saddle River, N.J. :Pearson,2013.
650 Bov

The right-brain business plan :a creative, visual map for success
Lee, Jennifer
Novato, Calif. :New World Library,2011.
658.401 Lee

The power of appreciative inquiry :a practical guide to positive change
Whitney, Diana Kaplin and Trosten-Bloom, Amanda.
2nd ed. San Francisco :Berrett-Koehler Publishers,2010.
658.406 Whi

Marketing :real people, real choices
Solomon, Michael R.
2nd ed. North Shore, N.Z. :Pearson,2012.
658.8 Mar

House building guide
Pringle, Trevor and Bennett, Mary, 1959 and BRANZ (Firm)
3rd ed. Porirua, N.Z. :BRANZ,2011.
690.837 Pri

Masters :collage : major works by leading artists
Taylor, Terry
New York :Lark Books, a division of Sterling Pub.,2010.
709.22 Mas

Athfield Architects
Gatley, Julia.
Auckland, N.Z. :Auckland University Press,2012.
720.6093 Ath

The complete guide to indoor rowing
Flood, Jim and Simpson, Charles
London :Bloomsbury,2012.
797.123 Flo

Library Quote of the Day:

My library is like a lighthouse. It illuminates my mind.
With sunshine trips to far off lands, enlightening journeys of every kind.
Going to my library I’ve travelled in space and time
In sound and pictures, words and music
Prose and sometimes rhyme
When all is dark and black as night
My library shines its welcome light
A beacon on the dullest day
Taking me places far away
Hannah Pollard, aged 12

From the Twist Library Team